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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What Will Become of Stenography

Do any of you remember the forgotten language of shorthand?

There is actually more than one 'type' of shorthand; for example, there's Pitman or Teeline.
And The process of writing in shorthand is called stenography.

I'll bet you've heard of that word...

Usually we think of a stenographer as the person who sits in front of the judge's bench during a trial, quickly depressing the keys on a that funny looking typewriter of hers. Her fingers seem to fly as she transcribes every spoken word. And then, when a defendant answers a question that the lawyer objected, and the judge sustained their objection, he will look at her and tell the stenographer to 'strike that from the record'.

People go to classes to learn this stuff!!

Did you know that a stenographer can write/type at speeds of up to 300 words a minute?? Fascinating!

What do you think will come of shorthand as this next generation grows into adulthood??

Do you think the stenograph will become a thing of the past, like the dinosaurs, as the upcoming language of texting takes over the world?

If you are the parent of a teen, or even a pre-teen, you know what I'm talking about.

I have a friend who doesn't allow her children to use txt, when they are texting. Her logic is that it creates problems in their schoolwork. They get so used taking txt shortcuts, that they make errors by writing the way they txt, or they forget the proper spelling of words.

Not to mention, as parents we reserve the right to view any and all of our children's text messages. And it wouldn't do us any good to review them, if we can't understand the lingo. Right??

Note to self: Next time you spell something wrong, use txting as your excuse. Yeah, that'll work!
I've not always been a horrible speller, it just happened when this texting thing came along. Y'all believe me don't you??

Okay, sorry; back to the story...

Anyway, since spelling has never been my strong suit this logic made perfect since and I Incorporated that same rule to Sugar when she got her cell phone.

The other day she texted me from the library. Our conversation was as follows:

Her: Hey moma
Me: Hey!

Her: Hey whats up i mean what you doing
Me: Working. What r u doing?

Her: Noting i am on my way to the library
Me: Okay, do ur homework and i'll let u know when i'm on my way.

Her: I dont have any homework
Me: Ok. u could get onto study island

Her: Ok love you
Me: Love u 2. ttyl :)

Her: What i am not allowed talk text talk i dont know what that means all i know iz lol
Me: Lol! I LOVE U!!!!

What??? I'm the mom, those same rules don't apply to me. ;)



  1. LOL!:) Shannon asked me just the other day what TTYL means.;)

    My mom used to use shorthand for her secretarial work. It's like a completely different language. It looks like scribbling. As a matter of fact, she used to write things down in shorthand that she didn't want my brother or me to understand...Things such as our Christmas list...It would be so frustrating...because we could look at the "list," but we would have no idea what it said.


    Well, that's all for now. I'll TTYL. LOL!:)

    (((BIG HUGS!)))

  2. I did shorthand on my job and I hated it. I studied Gregg Shorthand in highschool. I can still write it but I am a little slower now because I haven't used it since the 90's.

    Anyway - Let you go now and TTYL.

  3. Yes, I have a friend who can take shorthand. She's amazing. But I don't use txt when I text, because I think it's rude.
    I think spelling correctly is a lost art, although I have one word I misspell purposely, because it looks funny my way.
    It's the word stoopid.

  4. I took shorthand in high school, but I really didn't learn it so that I could use it in my future endeavors. I hated it because we had to write with the caps off of our pens - that is just wrong :) It has something to do with the weight of the pen and when it's lighter the writing flows better. Anyhoo, it wasn't for me. I do, however, think that the court stenographer has one of the coolest jobs out there. What does TTYL mean?

    Denise :)

  5. I don't know a THING about shorthand!!! And I only know a LITTLE txting lingo but it's b/c it's the some of the same stuff as chatting online/blogging, whatever.

    I need to know more lingo...I want unlimited texting so I can be 13 again! LOL


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