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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Good Mail

Do you remember the "good ol' days", when you were a child and you would go to the mailbox to discover you had receive something fun, like a letter or a card? And sometimes, on those very special occasions, you would open your mail and it would have money in it....


As technology advanced, mail - specifically good mail - became less and less frequent, to the point where almost the only thing we ever get these days is either junk or bills. Nothing fun!


Well, that is no more....I recently signed up for a fun little group called "Good Mail", where a group of us ladies will, on occasion, send something fun in the mail to other members. Since joining, I have received several "Good Mails" and they are ALWAYS fun!!

Click on the links below to learn more:

My first Good Mail, from Sara

My second Good Mail, from Tina

Good Mail Numbers 3 AND 4, from Jody and Kelli

My fifth Good Mail, from Debbie

Good Mail Numbers 6, 7 and possibly 8, from Jen, Cindy and Tina

Birthday Good Mail and #9, from Dawn

Good/Birthday/Mail and Numbers 10 AND 11, from Jody and Tina

Now that you've read more about this wonderful group of women and you've seen how fun this can be, if you're interested in joining click here to sign up.