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Monday, April 21, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday...

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My alarm went off - I pressed snooze.

I believe I've already established that I MUST press the snooze button a minimum of three times before I get out of the bed each morning.

Today, I pressed if four! Which, of course, means that I had to rush to get ready.

I stayed up late last night working on some more business cards, so I wasn't very happy about the annoying beep of my alarm clock this morning, which starts out soft and pleasant (beep-beep-beep beep-beep-beep) but gets louder and faster (beep.beep.beep-beep.beep.beep) until you finally get your butt up and turn it off - or, as in my case, press snooze. ;)

My first sign should have been when I put a run in my brand.new.never.been.warn. pantyhose, while putting them on.

Still reeling from the shocking news of my favorite buddies retirement, I get an email from my boss asking me to come in her office when I get settled. uh-oh, this can't be good.

I go into her office and take a seat; we chat for a while and then she tells me the latest news:

My work husband is leaving me, **sniff-sniff** he's going to another department.

What am I going to do?? He's the best work husband I've ever had! I'm not ready for a separation. **sniff-sniff**

So, after she drops this bomb on me, I head back to my desk where absolutely nothing worked. I was unable to delete tables. I was unable to paste. My clip board wouldn't empty. UGH!!!

Then I sent a message to my work husband, asking when my reports would be ready, and he snipped at me. (My goodness, what's wrong with him?? I'm the one getting dumped.)

"Gimme a break" He says.

Gimme a break?? Did he really just say Gimme a break?? Sure, I'll give you a break....here you go...

Now, can I get a break?? Please?!?!

Manic Monday continued on with failing queries, power surges and unresponsive hosts, which probably means absolutely nothing to you but in my world it makes completing work and meeting deadlines rather difficult.

As the day went on, I did manage to check off several tasks from my to-do list and now that all of that craziness is out of the way, I can have a great rest of the week!
In other news:

How do you like me new blog design??

Love it?? Me too!!

Compliments of my good friend Tina - who btw, tagged me for a meme so look for that post sometime soon.

Now that you've finished reading my babblings for the day, jump on over and check out Tina's blog and if your looking for a new look for your blog...

get redesigned!



  1. I'm singing 'It's just another Manic Monday, Whoa whoa' out loud, I mean, er, in my head! haha

    If you would take a bath every now and then, all your co-workers would stop leaving you! hEE!

    I'm glad you're pleased with your blog!! It was so fun to do! :)

  2. Sorry your Monday was so crazy - hope tomorrow is better.

  3. I really like the new look and very cool that Tina is going to start doing blog designs - cool!

    Have a good Tuesday - see you soon - Kellan

  4. Tina did a really great job with your blog page. I really like what she did. I am sorry that you are losing your work husband. I know how much you relied on him to keep your programs working properly. Hold on to your hat 'cause I have a feeling there will be more changes in the future.

  5. Sorry about all of your work buddies leaving. Too bad the stinky-toot person didn't leave instead. :)

    GIRL. My husband is a snooze button hitter. I hate it! LOL!



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