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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

School Is Back In Session (this year, I'm in 6th grade)

I know there are some who think that I've abandoned my blogs, some may be going through withdrawals - I know how addictive it can be :) But I wanted to take a minute to assure you that I'm still here and I have very high hopes that my schedule will settle down soon so that I can get back to doing the things I love...

As some of you may know, school is back in session. It's only been two weeks and already I am left scratching my head over the homework assignments.

Do you know how long it has been since I was in the sixth grade????

Well, it wasn't back in the "old days" as some might think; but, it has been long enough that I am completely lost when she asks for help on her homework - usually math.

Obviously, these crazy problems aren't anything that we use on a regular basis; because I have no idea how to solve them or even why I would ever have the need to know this stuff.

I mean seriously, how many times, in your life, will you need to know how to expand AND write out 7.09823?? In what field of work would you need to be for this to be a necessary skill?

I'm just sayin'...

I tried calling the "homework helpline" only to discover that the number has been disconnected - guess they forgot to pay their bill :(

With no book to look up examples and no comprehension of what exactly was expected, I turned to my good friend, "Google". This lead me to a 24/7 tutoring site called Tutorvista. This site cost $99.99 per month for as much tutoring as your child needs - but you could "Try it now for free".

Of course, you and I both know that nothing is REALLY free. So they get you to sign up for this "free trial" - thinking that you are actually going to get some help with this problem that you're trying to solve - and now, they've got you right where they want you!

Your child needs help, you don't know the answer, you've exhausted all your measures, and the time is growing late; she must finish this homework before heading to bed and you are STILL no closer in figuring out how to help her.

"If you sign up today, we can schedule a session for your child to help her with whatever she needs."

As I'm talking to the nice gentleman, who is explaining that they are running a special right now for only $25.00 for the first month, I keep hearing a bell and clapping in the background.....it sounds like they're having a party over there, in India. He asks me to do something, but I can't hear him for all the noise in the background and he explains that someone - just like me - has just joined their program and that's what they do every time they get a new member.

A few minutes later, they rang that bell again, only this time it was for me.

That's right; desperate times call for desperate measures. I took the bait and paid my $25.00 for help with my sixth grade math problems - I hope I get an A...


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thankful Thursday AND Good Mail!!

Today was the funeral.

A day to celebrate the memories of a life that once was.

It was a day full of mixed emotions.

In your heart - the part that loves - you are saddened whenever a loved one passes away. You miss them, their physical presence.

In your mind - the part that thinks logically - you know that they are in a better place. You understand that they are happier and healthier now than they have ever been in life. Knowing this gives you the peace that you need in your heart.

Despite the fact that the conditions were set for a somber day, the weather was absolutely beautiful. The sun was shining down on us and there was a comfortable breeze in the air as we said our farewell's to a woman we all knew and loved.

Loved as a Mother.

Loved as a Grandmother.

And loved as a Great Grandmother.

A woman who was beautiful in her day. A woman with great talent. She was artistic and creative. She could cook a meal that was so good it would make your mouth water just thinking about it.

The memories of how she used to be and the knowledge that she was met by all of her loved ones, who left this Earth prior to her recent arrival, gave us great comfort for today's homecoming celebration.

This afternoon, when we arrived home, I shuffled through the mail and the first thing I came across was this sweet picture that was colored by my friend Tina's precious daughter, Ella.

Isn't it beautiful?? A Turtle and Ice Cream - two of my very favorite things! They really know how to put a smile on my face. :) Thank you Ella (and Tina)! I am going to hang it up in my turtle room.

The next piece of mail I came across was some good mail from Cindy Kraft.

Isn't this the cutest little check book cover ever?? I think she made it!! And for those who are interested, Cindy also does photography. See that adorable photo that was in with my checkbook cover?? That looks like a certain little girl that I know (Ella - mentioned above) and it's a picture that Cindy took. It's her business card! How cute is that?!?! She's so "Krafty" :) Thanks Cindy!

I'm a little late mentioning this one, but last week I got another good mail package.

This one was from Jen and in it was this sweet card with several packs of yummy Crystal Light. Thanks Jen!

In closing, I have so much to be thankful for today.....for starters, I'm thankful for life. It is a gift that we were given and something we should all learn to appreciate while we have it because it could be taken away from us at any given moment.

I am also extremely grateful for all of my friends - bloggy and otherwise. You have all been so supportive through this difficult week and I want to let you all know how much I sincerely appreciate everything: the kind words, the heartfelt cards, the home-made picture, AND the good mail - it couldn't have arrived at a better time.

I am truly blessed!


Monday, August 11, 2008

Goodbye to Mamaw

Life hasn't been the same for her for quite some time.

She was married to the same man for 61 years. Together they had three children. One boy, Sonny -the oldest - and two girls Michele and Donna - the youngest.

Their children had grown up to have children of their own. Their children's children are all grown and many have their own children too.

Two of their three children are gone - Donna passing away in 95 and Sonny in 98.

Her husband passed away in 2005, right before they celebrated their 62nd anniversary.

62 years of loving the same man, of living with him, of seeing him everyday, of going to bed together every night, of arguing with each other, of laughing together, of crying together, of worshiping together and of loving together...It's almost unheard of these days.

She missed him.

She was lost without him.

She was no longer herself.

She recently celebrated her 82nd birthday - July 29th.

Today, she went Home. She went to be with her mother and father, her brother, her two children, and her love - my grandaddy.

Now she's happy.

Goodbye Mamaw. I love you.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thankful Thursday #14

I awoke this morning to the distant sounds of thunder.

The alarm hadn't yet rung - and you all know my rule of hitting gently pressing that good ol' snooze button at least three times before finally giving in.

Oh great, it's raining. I thought to myself as I tried to ignore the ringing of my alarm - I can not stress to you enough how badly I detest being woken up before that dreaded buzzing of the alarm (those who know me probably could though. HA!).

Slinging the covers aside Crawling out from under the covers, I rolled out of the comfort of my big, wonderful, cozy bed and strolled over to the alarm for the first round of snooze time.

No sooner than I had made it back into the bed and shut my eyes, I heard the sound of which is never good news. A sound that comes from the den and always manages to grate on my ever so sensitive, early morning, I haven't had my mandatory three snoozes yet, nerves.

I've heard this same annoying sound for the past three mornings in a row - and, I might add, that all were before the three snooze button rule. The last two mornings, by the time I had made my way down to the den, it was already too late to do anything about it.

Would this morning be the same? Probably.

And the rain won't help matters any.

I'll get down there, and that damn Drake will have already peed piddled in his cage, AGAIN, for the third morning in a row.

Then I'll practically have to kick him out of the door, because he acts like he might melt when it rains.

Ol' Stubborn A@$ Dog!

These were the grumblings that I heard in my mind as I lay awake in my bed this morning, irritated by the much needed rain and the sound of Drake barking to let me know that he had either already made a mess in his cage or that he was about to. Either way, to say that I was less than happy would be an understatement.

I made my way down into the den, the rain let up, and Drake had not yet released the flood gate.

HALLELUJAH! This day was getting better by the minute. I've already got two things to be thankful for, and the day has only just begun.

As I walked out of work this evening, the rain had cleared out and the temperatures had dropped down to a considerably lower and much more acceptable level.

So in short, or rather not so short, tonight I'm thankful for the rain. The very rain that caused complaints in the wee hours of the morning has turned around to become a source of happiness this evening.

Our temperatures, along with our notorious humidity, have been unbearably hot for over a week now; then, the rain rolled through and flushed away that heat. Now just ignore me as I say a quick little prayer that it (the heat) stays gone...we've had enough. Amen? Thanks!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Amy


Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday dear Amy... from In My Life

Happy Birthday to you

Love you girl!!

If you haven't ever read Amy's blog you're really missing out. The best birthday gift I can give her is to send you on over...so go on...scoot. Get outta here and go check her out. Tell her Shelly Sent you.