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Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Secret To Success

It was early morning, not a cloud in the sky, with the highs for the day predicted to be in the hundreds, it was already humid. They sat waiting for the light to turn green when the daughter looked towards her mother and said, “That’s the kind of car I want when I get old enough to drive.”

The mother glanced out her window and pointed to the four door sedan that was in front of the cute little convertible sports car she knew her child was referring to and replied, “What, that white one right there?”

“Nooo, not that one; that one.” She said, calling her mother’s attention to the death trap behind it.

“Well, you’ll have to wait until you’re able to afford that one on your own because your father and I aren’t going to get you a car like that.”

“What kind of car will you get me?”

“Something safe, with four doors and a roof, and something that you will be able to pay for with whatever job you have. I wasn’t given a car; my father helped me get one, but I had to pay for it out of my own money that’s what I plan on doing for you. I think it helps you better understand the value of a dollar and what it’s like to have to be responsible for something.”

“Who will teach me how to drive?”

“Your father or I will.”

“I want you to teach me; daddy drives crazy.”

“Daddy drives for a living every single day, I’m sure he would be just as good at teaching you to drive as I would.”

“Well, that’s true; but you drive on the interstate every day.”

“So does your daddy.” She said as she chuckled inwardly between the vast differences of driving a big rig across the U.S. and taking the interstate to come into town each day.

“That’s true!” the girl exclaims, as if the thought that he actually drives every day is just now occurring to her “I never realized how much you and daddy have in common. I see now why you guys are in love.”

Yes, that must be it!

Today we celebrate thirteen years of marriage and I now know that the secret to our success stems from our all important commonality of driving down the interstate every day. ;)

Happy Anniversary, Babe.

I love you (and not just because we both drive on the interstate every day either) but I'm talkin' 'bout for real dough.



  1. Eh heh on the driving.....

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. You are so funny!! I bet you both EAT, too! Wow something else in common!! LOL Your funny daughter!

    Congratulations to you and hubby!! :-)

  3. I just left a BIG comment and my silly *ss computer just messed it up!

    Dat be for real dough! LOL!:0)

    Happy Anniversary to both of you! Here's to 13 more years of driving the interstate together!;)

    I'm glad that driving on the interstate is not the only thing that keeps a marriage together, because I am AFRAID of the interstate. Luckily for me, Shannon cares more about how and where I "vacuum" than he cares about how and where I drive. LMAO!:0)

    I love you bunches!
    (((BIG HUGS!)))

  4. Now that is one sweet memory and one extra sweet anniversay message. Sorry I missed it, I hope it was good.

  5. Oh and PS, I gave you an award. Hop over to mine to see.


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