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Friday, September 4, 2009


Have you ever gotten to the point where you can't take one. more. single. thing??

You may remember me sharing the frustrations I've been dealing with over the past couple of weeks, with the cooties being passed back and forth between both of my girls.

And the cherry, on top of the whipped cream, on top of the icing, on top of the cake was when Sugar coughed ON. MY. ARM. only for me to discover she had a fever of 102!!!

Needless to say, I took her BACK to the doctor the next morning where she was diagnosed with the flu. Strain A flu, to be specific.

What does that mean, you ask??? Well, let me just tell ya...

Apparently there are two major strains of flu: Strain A and Strain B.

But strain A happens to be the strain that the dreaded swine flu is in. Which means... If you are diagnosed with strain A flu, you have to stay out of work/school for 7 calendar days or until you are symptom free for 24 hours - whichever comes later.

I know what you're thinking - I thought so too. In fact, I had to re-read that same sentence a couple of times myself. But in answer to your question, that is not a typo: If you or your child has strain A of the influenza virus, you will be out for a MINIMUM of 7 days.

Now, while I understand and completely agree with the importance of preventing the spread of the potentially deadly strain of the N1H1 virus - heck, I'll even go so far as to say I agree with taking necessary measures to prevent the spread of ANY virus - I had already been at home with sick kids for almost two weeks. To me, one more week added to that sentence felt like the proverbial nail in the coffin.

At this point, I feel I need to add a disclaimer stating that I am not complaining about my children being sick. No parent likes to see their children sick. And while I am blessed that I have the ability to work from home, I like having adult interactions. I like the people I work with and I enjoy going to work each day.

And now back to our regularly scheduled blog post...

So, we've gone to the doctor and she's been diagnosed as having strain A influenza. The doctor writes a prescription for our household, in an effort to prevent us all from getting sick too. They give Sugar a mask to put over her face and we're escorted out to the back side of the office - I told her now she knows what Michael Jackson must have felt like, except she still has a nose.

The whole family is now on Tamiflu and suddenly Spice starts behaving like a little monster - I mean, even more so than usual - and that's putting it mildly. I don't know what got into that girl but I am not exaggerating when I tell you that she threw a first class kicking, screaming - at the top of her lungs - fit for about fifteen minutes one night.

With all the recent changes in her daily routine, it's hard to pin point the cause of this extreme behavior. It could be that she's still trying to get acclimated to the more structured environment of school. Add to that, that she's accustomed to taking a three to four hour nap in the afternoons and that's not happening anymore; it could be that she's simply exhausted. It might be that she still isn't feeling well or, it may be that she's seen someone else throwing fits and thought she would come home and try it out.

But the most perplexing of all is that her conduct in school deteriorated too. She has been bringing home a green smiley face every day since school started (that's the best you can get) and suddenly she was bringing home orange and yellow dots (not good! Orange is one step away from red, which is the worst!).

Now, I'm not living in some fantasy world where I am delusional enough to believe that my little girl is going to be perfectly behaved every single day; after all, I did give her the pseudonym of Spice not Angel. ;) While she is my child and I do love her, I also know that she is very stubborn and can be quite obstinate when she so chooses - but something weird was going on here.

Taking the timing of this decline into consideration, I decided to read up on any possible conditions caused by the medicine we were all taking... Sure enough, there it was in black and white: This medication could cause extreme behavioral changes in some and this is most likely to occur in young children.

"Well there you go." I thought to myself, "this explains it. Once we finish this round of medicine, her behavior will improve and we will be back to normal around here." - whatever that is ;)

Last Sunday was her final dose of the liquid evil medicine and on Monday she brought home another green smiley face. YAY!:) This desired pattern of good behavior continued throughout the entire week, thus proving that the culprit of all of last weeks heartburn was indeed the Tamiflu.

That is until...TONIGHT.

Tonight, the evil twin returned for round two of the B.B.B. (Bratty Behavioral Battles). And this time, Sugar thought she was going to join in on the fun too - it must be the full moon...

But, after almost three whole weeks of running back and forth to the doctors office, getting coughed on, being under house arrest and spending $157.00 in medicine - all in the name of love for her children - momma had reached the end of her rope.

She was FED UP!

The girls have been in their rooms since 7 pm and they were told warned strongly advised that they had better not to come back down for the remainder of the night, because not even Calgon could take me far enough away for them to escape my wrath if I had to correct them one more time tonight.

Tomorrow, Mr. Shell comes home and I get to run away from home and escape reality for a while when I go to the movies. Until then, please pray for my children. Ask that the Lord remain by their mother's side because I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that He is the only reason I have not hurt them tonight.



  1. Wow! I had no idea Tamiflu could do that to kids!
    I hope they both stayed in their rooms, and didn't bring down the hammer upon themselves. Sometimes sending them to their room is for their own protection as much as it is for our own sanity.
    Girls, get better so Mommy can go back to work!

  2. I hope you did get away for a bit! It is pretty poopy when you get all boarded into 'der germhause, isn't it? enough to make a good mom go bad.

    I hope y'all are feeling better and you have gotten to stretch your legs a little!


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