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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Boo Boo The Fool

What do I look like, Boo-boo the fool??

Wait a minute! Don’t answer that!

I said, don’t answer that! *sigh*

Oh well... if you answered yes to that question, then you aren’t in the boat by yourself. Apparently my soon-to-be-thirteen-years-old daughter thinks so too.

I must admit, there are a lot of things that I’m not good at remembering:

I may not remember what movies I’ve bought.

I may not remember which CD’s we have.

I might not remember the name of a book I’ve read or a movie that I’ve watched.

In fact, it’s very possible that I won’t remember your name – I’m horrible with names!

So maybe it seems odd to her that I would be able to remember each and every outfit that she has.

But… I do!

If she would stop and think about it for a minute, it probably wouldn’t seem so strange. After all, where does she think all those clothes come from? They don't just magically appear in your closet. (HA! I wish!)

Noooo…someone has to go shopping for them and had to pay for them.

And who does she thinks washes all those clean clothes that she throws in the laundry basket, instead of putting them back up after being worn for all of two seconds?

And after all of those clean dirty clothes have been washed, who does she think folds them and then looks at them, sitting on the couch for a week while waiting for them to grow legs and make their way back upstairs?

Yeah, that would be ME!

So, can someone please help me understand why she would think that she could come downstairs this morning wearing a black skirt with a pink jacket over it AND a pair of jeans, and expect me to believe that the black SKIRT is a strapless SHIRT?!?!

I swear, sometimes I wonder what planet that girl hailed from.



  1. Hey! I'm always seeing you over in FB land these days, but not much over here! Missing my visits. Still crying over amy's "retirement". boo. hoo.

    sounds like you have a future fashion designer on your hands! watch out...

  2. Don't tell you never tried to pull this one, too!

  3. LOL!:0)
    Just in case there is any confusion, my name is Amy, and I recently went to the movies with you to see "All About Steve." ;0) (I kid, I kid.)

    I agree with Laura; it sounds like your soon to be thirteen year old has a definite flair for fashion.

    And I would never call you Boo Boo the Fool...not where you could hear me anyway. LOL!;0)

    I love your little turtle cursor. That is too cute!

    And Laura, if you read this, I'm just in semi-retirement. Like great sports players of the past....I'll probably make an appearance again sometime. I miss you too. *sniff*sniff*

    I love ya, Shelly!<3


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