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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Do you believe??

It's late, and I really should be in the bed; but the strangest thing just happened and I just HAD to share it with someone...

Earlier tonight I was walking out of my bedroom and tripped on my babies shoes. My husband laughed b/c he had done the same thing - why he didn't pick them up when he did it is beyond me - I digress... I picked the shoes up and put them on a bench in my hallway, then I came back in the den and watched Haunted Evidence while playing on the computer.

* Note that I sit in a chair that faces the hallway and I can clearly see if anyone walks past.

It's now time to go to bed so I turn all the lights off and head towards the bedroom. When I get to the hallway I look down to see the very shoes that I had put on the bench are now place neatly in the middle of the floor - several feet away from the bench.

Everyone in the house is asleep and no one has gotten up....so I ask you, how did those shoes get from the bench to the middle of the floor???

A little history: I have lived in this house for about 9 years and I've never had any experiences. That is UNTIL my baby girl (now three) was born. Every since she was born she's been sleeping in my bedroom (I know, I know, BAD habit!) and occasionally I see something - kind of like a shadow - that looks like a girl darting from the kitchen door into the hallway. One night I saw it so clearly that I actually called out to my oldest daughter (now ten) but when she didn't answer I got up to see what she was doing - upset that she was ignoring me when I just saw her run past - to my surprise, she didn't answer because she was in the tub and couldn't hear me.....
I'm getting ready to go to bed now (It's really going to freak me out if those shoes have moved again) but that was just too weird not to share...I would love to hear your thoughts...

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