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Monday, July 9, 2007

Customer Service Tips

Mom and I went shopping this weekend and the customer service left something to be desired - which brings me to today's topic - Customer Service.

Having worked for years in the customer service industry AND being a customer myself, I have a few opinions on this subject.

First let me start off by saying that I believe it should be mandatory for everyone to work in customer service for a minimum of 1 year. Maybe then people would learn how to be more respectful of each other.

We live in a society where no one seems to care about anyone else, other than themselves. People have what I refer to as a "Me First" attitude. Unfortunately, this isn't a requirement so let me give you a few guidelines to make your experience more pleasant.

Customer Tips:


1. Put the cell phone down!

2. If you don't know them, they don't know you! When a clerk asks for your identification it's for YOUR protection..If you've ever had your identity stolen you would be more gracious towards people who care enough to check.

3. Wait your turn! You can't be in THAT big of a hurry and if you are, then you should have left the house earlier.

4. They can't read your mind. If you would like something a specific way, you have to open your mouth and let them know.

5. Keep your personal beliefs and opinions to yourself. Just because someone is the same as you does not mean they share your views.

6. If a clerk has to tell you no, it's because of a guideline that they have been instructed to follow. (It's not personal)

7. Treat your clerk with respect - it's not easy dealing with people's attitudes all day long.

8. If you're sick, STAY HOME! We don't want your germs.

9. Don't lie! Just because someone isn't able to do what you want them to does NOT mean they were rude or that they were discriminating against you.

10. Contrary to popular belief, you are NOT always right!

Customer Service Tips:

1. Put the customer first, if it weren't for them you wouldn't have a job!

2. Leave your personal problems at home.

3. Treat each customer with respect.

4. Wait on your customers in the order they arrived. There is nothing more frustrating than waiting patiently to be waited on, only for someone to jump in front of you. There is a polite way to let that "rude" customer know that someone else was there first.

5. SMILE - it isn't going to kill you.

6. If you don't want to be there - QUIT!

7. Give the customer your undivided attention. You can talk to your co-workers later.

8. Don't eat, drink, or smack your gum in front of customers.

9. Act like you care (even if you don't) - It's not going to kill you to be sociable for 5 minutes.

10. Don't apply for the job if you don't like people (ALL PEOPLE!)


  1. Right on sister!!! I totally agree. We need to figure out how to get this information out to the people that need it the most!!

  2. LOL Great stuff! Have a great Day!


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