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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Beware - They're Out There!

I'm so proud of myself! I've had my blogs for a while now and I've posted about many, many topics but THIS is my very first post about people who can not drive!

There are those who like to say that I have road rage - you know who you are. However, I disagree with that assessment. I do not have road rage. Not once have I ever pulled up beside someone, rolled my window down and cursed them out. Not once have I ever sped around someone who cut me off and slamed on my brakes. Not once have I ever driven up beside someone, who I felt had wronged me, and swerved over to try to make them run off the road. Not once have I ever pulled out a gun and pointed it at or shot at another driver.

I am; however, a vocal driver - I will give you a piece of my mind in a minute, and loudly. I am always so impressed whenever I ride with someone who doesn't talk at, scream at, or cuss at other drivers when they do something stupid.

I am striving for improvement in this area; however, I come from a long line of vocal drivers - so I get it honest - and it's not easy to overcome those family genes, they're deeply imbedded. I have definitely made improvements but sometimes I fall of the wagon; like today...

I must have had my invisible cloak on as I drove home from work tonight because I had not one, not two, but three people pull out in front of me as if I wasn't there at all.

There were several traffic lights out around town today and, as you can imagine, traffic lights out during rush hour equals traffic backups. So, the North bound lanes were backed up and I was driving south, in the left lane. There were no other cars behind me, when this B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T driver, in a big ol' SUV with tinted windows, pulls out of a neighborhood to turn left - INTO THE LINE OF BACKED UP TRAFFIC!! Of course there was no where for him to go so he had his big ol' bohunkus stuck in my lane. I had to swerve into the right lane to miss him - what an idiot!

Now I ask you, WHAT could have possibly been so important that he couldn't have waited until I had passed to pull out and get stuck?

Next I was sitting at a red light. Our light turned green but we couldn't go because another genius driver (in an SUV) ran the red light. This caused the guy trying to turn left to have to wait. Once the coast was clear I started to go when this, oh so bright, woman - in yet another SUV - decided to turn left in front of me. HELLOOOO?!?!? (Well, at least she acknowledged her stupidity...she threw her hand up in an apologetic wave)

A few miles down the road, I was getting ready to turn left into a neighborhood. I put my blinker on and slowed down to turn, when this nitwit at the stop sign decided he could beat me - again, there was no traffic behind me. **sigh** What is it about me today that everyone seems to think they have to go BEFORE me??

I think the SUV's had it out for me today; they were definitely testing my awareness, as well as my reflexes. The good news is that, despite the multiple attempts at my annihilation, I made it home safely; and I only lost my temper with one of these morons.


  1. Have you ever noticed that "SUV Complex"? Those big whomping fossil fuel guzzlers have to be a compensation for some insecurity or another.

  2. Ugh! There are days when I just want to turn the car around and park it back in the garage.

    Seriously, it gets NUTS sometimes!! :)


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