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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Got IT Goin' On?!?!?

Do I still have it? OH YEAH, I still have it; plus some! I am married to a wonderful man. I have absolutely no complaints – he cooks, he cleans, he’s a hard worker; what’s to complain about?? Two children and eleven years later, he and I have really “grown” together.

My motto: A family that grows together stays together. (it sounds good anyway)

Even happily married girls like to feel pretty, every once in a while. It’s not that we go out in search of attention, but it’s always nice when a good looking member of the opposite sex glances our way with an appreciative look in their eyes.

Ladies, you know what I’m talking about; the days when you get up and everything is just perfect! You’ve got on a cute outfit, you don’t have any blemishes, and your hair looks great. Those are the days we all love - you look and feel good about yourself. An air of confidence exuberates around you.

I haven’t had a day like that in quite some time and today was no exception…

There was a training class at my office for the last two days. In it were several very nice looking males – being an artist, I have always had a healthy appreciation for beautiful things.

I will not mention names, but there was one guy in there with whom I’m familiar - we’ve worked together in the past. I have always admired and respected him; not only is he nice and smart, he is also easy on the eyes.

I didn’t even realize he was here until he came over to speak to me and, I swear, I turned into a teenage girl - I could feel my face flushing and I became a bumbling idiot. I was mortified!

After chastising myself, I made a promise that today would be different – boy was it ever!

My hair – the one thing we have some control over – was refusing to cooperate this morning. I haven’t had it cut since December and it’s really getting too long. Nothing I did looked good. I finally gave up and threw it up in a barrette. I didn’t even get to work good before it was already breaking free of its restraint.

Looking like crap and not wanting to be seen, my mission today: Stay out of site!

First I saw HIM at the elevator, as I was coming out of the restroom. I slinked to the door and hoped he wouldn’t look my way.

Next I saw HIM as he was getting off of and I was getting on to the elevator. Could it get any better??

On the way back to the office I looked in my rear view mirror and gasped at the site of the reflection looking back at me. The hair was just NOT looking good at all, and getting worse by the minute. I then decided that if I was going to look bad, I was going to do it with my hair down and comfortable, rather than pulled up and causing a headache. So, I released the barrette and shook it out - Not much better, but at least it was more comfortable.

The next time I saw HIM was after lunch. We smiled and I continued on my way only to later discover that I had spinach bits, from my lunch, in my teeth. Great, just great!

And I saw HIM several other times throughout the day – so much for staying out of site…The only thing that could have made it worse would have been if I were to have had a great big boogie in my nose.

Why is it that the cutest guy God ever made always shows up when you’re having a bad hair day???


  1. You are so stinkin' funny! Maybe it was a sign that you shouldn't be drowling over Mr. Handsome! :)

    Hard to do, I know.

  2. What is it about those bad hair days? You're right. It just never fails.............nofgrwv

  3. I have non-stop-bad-hair-days-myself!! I need to do something with my hair - don't remind me! I know the guy you are talking about and I know those moments only too well. I just become more and more of a bumbling idiot the older I get. This was sadly funny. Take care - Kellan

  4. LMAO... that is sooooooo alllll I have to say!!!!!!!!! and besides... he is MINE!!! ;) LOVE YOUUU!!!! lol

  5. Hey!! I've tagged you over at my blog...come see! I hope you can do it!

  6. LMAO...hmmmmmmmmm interesting...Moon

  7. I must be a little strange. I haven't seen anything at work in years that would effect me that way. Maybe next time he comes to the office, you will look absolutely gorgeous. Maybe you can send him to my office so I will have something to get excited about.

  8. LOL! LOL!:)

    So true, so true!

    That is how I feel ALL of the time,
    like Ugly Wanda on "In Living Color."
    I just never seem to get the look I am going for.:) Especially when there are men that are pleasing to the eyes all around me. (Like you, I have an artistic nature, so I definitely have a healthy appreciation for beautiful things.);)

    But like you, at least I don't fart. (In public anyway.;))


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