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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Community of Blogville

When I first began blogging, I didn't know much about it. I thought it was just a creative way for me to share some of our family events with friends and family, not realizing that it would lead me to a whole'nother community; but, that is exactly what it has done.

Through this little hobby of mine, I have met some amazing people.

Through the stories that they have shared, I have met their husbands, their children and their pets. Together, we have celebrated anniversaries, birthdays and other important milestones that may occur.

We have shared best parenting practices and what NOT to do's. ;)

We have given each other support and advice.

Through the laughter and tears, we have come to know each other and we have grown into this community that I like to call Blogville.

In the Blogville community, there is one lady in particular with whom I felt an immediate connection. The stories she told and the comments that she made always made me smile.

Shorty after I met her in Blogville, she went away on the trip of a lifetime.

Here's a woman who had never traveled anywhere - she'd never been on a plane, she'd never been in a cab, and she'd never spent the night away from her family - and she gets invited to go on a month long trip across the Mediterranean.

While she was away, taking pictures of the public facilities in honor of me and her good friend Kenny, I did some catching up on some of the past stories In My her Life.

We had never met in 'real' life but I just knew if we ever did, we would quickly become the best of friends.

Almost immediately after returning home from her trip, she had to have back surgery and ended up on bed rest for well over a month. Once she was recovered enough to have visitors, I took a little trip to her end of Crazyville and we spent the day - and well into a good part of the afternoon - on bed rest together.

My prediction of us quickly becoming the best of friends was confirmed the minute I pulled into her driveway, greeted by Bo Shannon and escorted to the front door where this picture was awaiting my arrival:

Since that first trip to Crazyville, we have met up on several occasions and are indeed very good friends.

Currently, she is on an extended break from Blogville and I don't know when she will return; but, since returning from the trip of a lifetime, her life has been one blow after another: beginning with her back surgery, then her mom's knee surgery, next was her dad's stroke, plus she has two teenage boys going through teenage issues, and now their precious Allie - who has also had health issues since her return - is being put to sleep this week.

All this being said, I would like to take this moment to reach out to the Blogville community and ask that you lift her and her family up in your prayers during these difficult times and pray that the waters soon still so that they may enjoy some peace and serenity before the next storm arrives.

I <3>

need to talk. Ag Shame, My Skattie! ;)



  1. OH, no! I haven't been able to keep up with Amy...I'm not on facebook very much these days. But I miss her tremendously and am so sad to hear about Allie.

    thanks for keeping me up to day, um, Shelly. I'll definitely be praying for Amy and her sweet family.


  2. It's so funny that you did this, as I was walking to fetch Phillipa I thought of doing the exact same thing and then railised that that is probalby what you had done for her. I got back and checke dyour blog and I was right, you truly are such a thoughtful friend.

    I wish there was something, anything that I could do to help make Amy's pain less, but I know there isn't. I will indeed keep her in my prayers and thoughts.

    I'm glad you are there for her.

  3. I have tried for two days to post a comment with no success maybe this time will work!! : (
    Yes our "Honey" is a remarkable gal! I am so blessed to be able to get to know her. She is so strong to handle everything that has been thrown at her lately and STILL have the time and grace to leave encouragement and laughter for others here and there on the world wide web.
    I think you both are very special ladies!!!

  4. What a sweet tribute. I bet most of could say Blogville has changed our lives in some way and been a way to get to know people more deeply than you would have gotten to know them otherwise, let alone start new friendships IRL. I will send up a prayer for your friend!


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