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Hello and welcome to a small snapshot of what life's like inside my little corner of the world. I'm Shelly, I have a satisfying career and I'm shackled to my supurb husband. I'm the step-monster to his stylish son and together we have two stunningly beautiful daughters - Sugar and Spice, two stubborn dogs and a squawking bird. These are just some of the stories of my life.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Spring and Welcome Back!

Hi all!

Remember me?

Shelly. The one who gives stories from her shell??

Did you know that being a turtle has its disadvantages?

Oh yes, it's true!

Sure we seem to live a relaxed lifestyle, taking our time getting wherever it is that we are headed and our tough exterior leads people to believe that nothing can bother us. BUT, if someone or something comes along and rocks our world, tipping us onto our backs, we have a heck of a time figuring out how to get back on our feet again.

Work has been the windstorm that has me tipped over onto my back for these past few months. I finally recovered, but all that fast motion has given me a fright - it's still cold and scary out there - so I've burrowed down until the warmth of Spring beckons me, making me feel safe enough to come back out of my hole.

Meanwhile, plenty has been going on in my little corner of the world. Unfortunately, when things are stressful at work my creative juices get zapped.

Last weekend I took a little mini-vacation (I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter break!!)

On Friday we took Spice to get her shots for school - did you know that they have to have 5 shots now before they can get into kindergarten?? [GULP!]

Having only gone through this once before - six years ago, with Sugar, the world renown Drama Queen - I wasn't sure how well this 5 shots thing would go over with Spice, so we decided to give her two on this visit and we'll go back in a couple of months for the remaining three.

Well, let me just tell you....She was SUCH a trooper! She sat there and watched them give her the shots; she didn't move - not even a flinch - and she didn't cry.

I was SO VERY proud of her!

And Sugar....well, she was absolutely amazed! She didn't think it was even possible for someone to get a shot without crying at least ten minutes before they give it to you. ;)

With it being Good Friday, we had to get an early morning appointment because the offices were closing early.

Sugar wasn't very excited about getting up that early in the morning when she didn't have school... And after Sugar expressed her displeasure with a sticky note, Spice had to have one too...

I tell ya... Never a dull moment. :)



  1. Very cute--the notes :) LOL!

  2. WOW, no crying!?! What a big girl! YES, I know all about those shots and I'm SO glad they are behind us!

    I LOVE the sticky notes...I think I'll start wearing my mood on my forehead as well...if only my kids could both read it!! LOL

  3. What a big girl!
    I have one drama queen, and one trooper, as well.
    He let the doctor stitch his LIP closed while I nearly passed out!
    Okay, I still feel light headed, just thinking about it.
    I should sit down.

  4. and yet you have time to be an AWESOME Facebook Farmer!!! How do you do it? You are my hero!! That shot thing? UGGHH!

  5. Shots? Oh that is such a dirty word. My kids use to run and hide in the Dr. office. Really? Yes, really. They are STILL afraid of shots and they are full growns.

    What a trooper you have!!


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