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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Up or Down?

We have been in our new office for about three weeks now.

I have spent the past three weeks trying to get acclimated to my new surroundings and all of my new additional duties. I still haven't found my new routine but I'm working on it and each day I feel I get a step closer.

Monday's have always been the roughest but none can compare to my very first Monday.

Sugar's first day of summer camp.

My first day taking her to the new summer camp.

I may have mentioned once or twice before about the anxiety that trying to find places that I"m unfamiliar with causes. This 'condition' has improved immensely since the arrival of my girlfriend; but, as I stated before, it's in no way completely gone.

Interstates - the one area where Lola and I disagree. I hate them! Avoid them like the plague; but Lola...she loves them. She is always trying to get me to take the interstate.

Lola was with me on this first day of trying to find Sugar's summer camp. As usual, she lead me to the interstate. By the time I realized where it was that she was taking me, it was too late so I had to go with it, so I cautiously turned onto the ramp and headed in the direction as advised by my girlfriend.

The problem came when she fell of my windshield and Sugar picked her up. In doing so, she accidentally pressed the off button which threw me into a panic.

Here I was, driving 65mph on a dreaded interstate. I had no idea where I was supposed to exit and Lola was shut down.

Oh Shit!!

In fact, I believe those where my exact words. Fortunately, I got her turned back on and she picked right back up where she left off. It probably wasn't longer than a minute that she was actually off but it felt like an eternity.

Needless to say, we arrived safely and I have since traveled that path enough times that it is no longer uncomfortable for me. So much so that I no longer even need Lola to help me out in order to get there.

The next week we had a visitor in from Chattanooga and a deadline was quickly approaching. That said, I had plenty to do and not much time to get it all done.

This week I saw HIM.

I knew that I would eventually run into him; with him working in the same building, it was bound to happen and when those elevator doors opened, there HE stood.

The ex-work husband - The one who divorced me without even asking how I felt about it and left me with his baby and no child support.
Yes, HIM!

I was headed up to lunch.

The shock of seeing him caused my logical brain to shut down and in its place, was a bumbling idiot.

As I stepped onto the elevator I suddenly became confused and thought we were going down instead of up. I quickly backed out of the elevator to make sure that we were headed in the right direction. He works a few floors above us, but for some crazy reason I couldn't rationalize that he might actually be going up.

And the cherry on the cake in this story is that there was a witness to my stupidity.

Good grief!

However, in my defense I would like to say that the friend I was with - the one who got to witness this whole interaction first hand - does often press the down button when we need to go up and the up button, when we need to go down.

I'm just sayin' is all...

Next week promises to be a good week; after all, it can only get better from here... right? ;)



  1. "Good Grief!" That makes me think of Charlie Brown.:)
    And that "elevator" scene sounds like something that would happen to him, doesn't it? :)
    I'm proud of you for driving on the interstate.....I am chicken. I will drive on the Nonconnah (or Bill Morris Parkway) but that is it.....and I don't like to get on it near Ridgeway because the traffic is still too much like the interstate there.
    I would not be able to please "Lola" I am afraid.:)

    Hugs to you!

  2. I hope you do have a good week this week! Take care - Kellan


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