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Thursday, October 2, 2008

How it came to be

I left work and headed out to do my daily afternoon routine: pick up the girls, go home, eat dinner, etc. etc. etc.

First stop - Jewal's house to pick up the little stinker, but today something was different; as my four year old came running out to greet me, something else came scampering out behind her.

Catching a brief glimpse of the little fur ball, I asked "What was that?" At which point, the said fur ball scurries over to where I'm standing and rolls over on her back, allowing me full access to rub her belly.

Ms. Jewal had gotten her that morning from the local pound - can you believe it?? A Yorkie at the pound? Unheard of!

She had gone to the pound over the weekend, to check out their dogs. Not finding anything out front that caught her eye, her grandson asked if they could go into the back. She didn't want to go back there, because of the smell, but they went anyway and that is where they found this precious little girl.

Her owners never showed up to claim her and they were releasing her the next week. They told her to put her name on a list of people who were interested in adopting her - she was the first name on the list. When the day came that she was available to adopt, Jewal had to be there the first thing in the morning, when they called her name, or they would move on to the second name on the list and so on, so forth.

Adoption day arrived and Jewal was there before they opened the doors, making her the proud new owner of an adorable, 1 year old, housebroken, Yorkie.

When I got there to pick up my little stinker and learned that Jewal had a new member of the family, I inquired what she was going to do with her at night - she also works a night time job and hadn't had the time to get a kennel or anything to keep the pup in while she was away. She didn't want the new pooch to feel lonesome on her first night, in new surroundings, so I offered to bring her home with me.

We brought her home, groomed her and each of us picked a name for her: The Drama Queen chose the name Andalasia, the Little Stinker picked the name Belle and I chose Priss (short for Prissy).

We took her back the next morning and gave Jewal all three name choices. Priss was the favorite but Little Stinker was not letting go of Belle and so a compromise was reached and they named her Prissy-Belle.

And that, folks, is how we got our part-time pooch that I posted on last week's Wordless Wednesday. Every afternoon, when I pick up the Little Stinker, we go home with Priss too. And every morning, I drop them both back off on my way in to work.



  1. Oh, how fun. I love that you share a dog.

    I used to have a Shitzu named Prissy. Oh, how I loved that Dog.

  2. Very good 'adoption' story...

    I don't think I even want a part-time pooch...not for me right now.

    Glad she has so many folks to love on her though!

  3. A part-time dog! Now why didn't I think of that?

  4. What a great arrangement! And what a lucky dog. Two families to pamper and love? And one with little girls? Priss is going to be right. She sure is a cutie. Enjoy!

  5. Aren't you the sweetest thing?;)
    You are always so helpful and thoughtful to others.


    Prissy-Belle is a lucky girl!


    I still want to see her in a teacup though.

    I'm just saying.;)

    Big hugs,

  6. Wow... to go from a shelter to TWO families. cool:)


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