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Friday, October 3, 2008

Grilling Goodness with Tina and Friends

Last week I told you about a new game my good friend, Tina from Golden Goodness started where she throws out eight random questions and asks us to play along.

I also told you that she hadn't named her meme yet and that she asked her readers for suggestions. After bombarding her with several giving her a couple of suggestions - I'll bet I taught her a lesson about making such a request. HA! - she quickly chose the perfect name for her Friday meme and made a cute little button to go along with it...

See, isn't it cute?? (good job, Tina!!)

Alright, let's get this party started. And don't forget, if you want to play too, be sure to go over to Tina's post and fill out Mister Linky to let her know you played along.

1. Do you snort when you laugh?

Well, it doesn't happen often; but, on occasion, I have been known to let a little snort slip out when laughing really, really hard. I have also laughed so hard that tears have streamed down my face, I've laughed so hard that I've choked myself up, I've laughed so hard that I've given myself a headache, AND I've laughed so hard I've peed - just a little.

I LOVE to laugh.

2. Do you have any idea why we don't sneeze in our sleep? Wild guess?

Hmmm??? Good question, Tina! I have no idea why we don't sneeze in our sleep but I'm sure I will have to go Google it as soon as I finish this meme, thanks alot!

Who says we don't sneeze in our sleep?? Do you know for a fact that this is the case?? Some people talk in there sleep, some people walk in their sleep and my husband holds his breath in his sleep - I tell him all the time that he's not swimming. So, if all that happens in our sleep and we aren't aware, how would we know if we sneeze in our sleep or not?? I'm just sayin'..... But okay, you asked for a wild guess sooo... I'll say that it has something to do with the fact that our eyes are shut (because everyone knows you have to see the light before you can make a sneeze come out, right?!?!) and our brain is in sleep mode; therefore, it is not sending sneeze signals to our sneeze mechanism. There, that sounds good...right???

3. Do you give much thought to astrology?

Me being the typical definition of Virgo - if you were to look up the meaning of the word, you would probably see a picture of me.

I do not plan my life based on my horoscope but I do believe that the alignment of the moon and stars does effect the way people behave.

4. What is the most expensive thing you've purchased this year?

My Elliptical that I just had to have and absolutely love but don't use nearly as often as I should. *sigh*

5. What kind of shampoo do you use? Loyally?

Currently, I'm using Kirkland brand shampoo. I have no loyalty to any of the shampoos that I use. I think it's better for your hair if you switch them up. However, there are certain shampoos that I am loyal about NOT using...Finesse is one of them, my scalp HATES that shampoo!!

6. Whose music are you really diggin' right now?

I am a lover of music and I listen to almost anything. Right now, I am not listening to much music - too busy listening to my audio books.

7. What is your favorite thing about the Fall?

I like the relief from the sweltering heat and the colors. The colors are absolutely amazing!!

8. Do you have a GPS?

YES!!! And I LOVE her!!! Her name is Lola and she is my girlfriend. She has changed my life in ways that you could not possibly imagine. She gives me the freedom to go places I never would have gone prior to her arrival. I take her everywhere I go!



  1. I love these posts...They are funny and such a good way to be nosy, without being intrusive.;)

    I feel like such a "doofus", as Tina says, though, because my comment will simply pale in comparison to the comments that you left me.


    You didn't mention your Spanx and snorting while laughing....I'm just saying.;)

    That is funny that you tell your husband he is not swimming while he sleeps. LOL!:)

    And I'm glad we have our faithful GPSs in our lives. Lola and SJM are very faithful companions.;)

    And you could always do like Erma Bombeck concerning your elliptical....She used to pay her kids to put miles on her exercise bike so that her husband would think she was actually using it for more than just hanging clothes on.;)

    Big hugs to you!

  2. You are such a good answer-er!! Love it!

    SO glad we got a name picked out...it was going to be the death of you, lol!

    Laughing so hard that you cry...priceless!

    Your brain got too busy with the sneezing question, but your explanation is one of my favorites...did you see Diane's???

    Lola...she's good until she has you turning in to random driveways in Crazyville!! LOL

  3. ♥ Fun answers! My husband stops breathing too... :)


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