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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Just Mornin'

We’ve all had them…Days where we wish we had just stayed in the bed.

Today was one of those days for me.

It all started when I rolled out of bed, after coming to the realization that we had overslept and now had less than thirty minutes to get ready before time to leave, and here is how the rest of the morning went:

Hollered for the girls to get out of bed as I rushed into the den to let the dogs out and feed them.

Fed the dogs

Hollered for the girls to get up

Let the dogs outside to use the bathroom

Hollered for the girls to get out of the bed

Took my shower

Hollered to make sure the girls were up

Let one of the dogs back in

Hollered to see how the girls were progressing

Brushed my teeth

Now aware that it was raining, I went back into the den to late the other dog in, before he got too wet, and put him in his cage.

Hollered to see how the girls were doing

The oldest was cleaning up poop from Priss, our part-time pooch, who had just been let out but didn’t want to stay out because of the rain.

Hollered to see if the youngest was up and getting ready.

The oldest said that she had told her to get up but, since its only big sister requesting she get out of bed, she responded with a strong “no.”

Walked to front of house to drag the youngest one out of the bed

Stepped in a some poop, that had been overlooked, on my way to the bedroom

Grabbed a piece of the long stream of toilet paper, that the oldest had strewn from the roll in the bathroom all the way to her doorway, and wiped off my big toe.

Walked into the bedroom and pulled the covers off of the youngest, picked her up and placed her down on the floor.

Walked back into my bathroom and washed my foot.

Removed towel from my head and brushed hair

Went into my room to put underclothes on, prevented the youngest from trying to crawl into my bed, told her to brush her teeth.

Stalked into the kitchen to grab my paddle to reinforce that I was serious about her brushing her teeth and getting ready.

Dried my hair.

Hollered to let the girls know it was time to go and see if they were ready yet

Put makeup on.

Put clothes on

Hollered out to let the girls know it was time to go

Went into kitchen to grab the girls breakfast and make the chocolate milk

Helped the youngest get her other shoe on

Asked the oldest to turn off all the lights

Made sure all appliances were turned off, all cages were closed and locked and ensured that the radio was turned on for the bird.

Grabbed the wrong keys from hook, got everyone settled into the car.

Pulled my keys out of my purse and started the car

Opened the garage door, backed out of the garage into the driveway.

Grabbed an umbrella, stepped out of the car and into the downpour to close the garage door (that I have to manually shut every day because it will open automatically but it won’t close - and has been this way for several months now.)

Got drenched walking to the garage – regardless of the umbrella

Closed garage door, went into house and put the wrong set of keys that I had grabbed earlier back onto the hook, got drenched walking out of back door.

Got back in the car, got drenched pulling soaking wet umbrella back into the car.

Dropped the oldest off at school

Arrived at second destination for the youngest and her side kick (Priss) to be dropped off. Grabbed my umbrella, opened car door to go around and let them out of the car only to find the door was locked.

Walked back around to my side of the car to unlock the doors because she had her hands full, with the dog, her drink and her umbrella, and wasn’t able to unlock the door without putting it all down.

Walked back around to her side to let her out.

Picked the dog up so she wouldn’t jump out into the huge puddle that had gathered on the curb from our torrential rains.

Grabbed the Hello Kitty umbrella from her to assist with the opening of it and then held her chocolate milk while she got out of the car.

Got back in the car and got drenched pulling the soaking wet umbrella back into the car.

Slowly making my way to work, with the back up of the rush hour traffic and the rain slicked streets, I finally arrived.

Later than usual, I feared being able to find a decent parking space and, as I exited my car and made my way towards the building, I wondered why I was even bothering with an umbrella at this point.

I could keep going but, exhausted from all the energy that was spent trying to get everyone taken care of and getting them to school and work on time, suffice it to say that I spent the rest of the morning wishing I had stayed in bed and fantasizing of ways to go back home and do just that.

And so, when all the 'chipper' people looked at me and said, "Good Morning!" I responded with the nicest response I could muster, and that was just "Mornin'".



  1. Aw, bless your heart...what a 'mornin'.

    I hope your day improved...and maybe tomorrow will be a Fantastic Friday! :)

  2. Oh, don't you just hate days that start off on the wrong foot? I sure hope that your day got better..

  3. Bless your sweet heart. I am sending you a "mornin'" hug right now. ((((Shelly))))
    I am sorry you had such rough mornin' and I pray that you are feeling better today.
    And if you're not feeling better, then I pray you do what I told you to do.
    I'm just saying is all.;)
    I hope this day is a "Good Morning" kind of day for you, sweet friend.

    Much love,

  4. Okay first off I am exhausted reading that! I hope your Friday went better : )

  5. Wow, I got tired just reading your post. I hope you have a better day today. :)


  6. Even though you had a bad morning, your post was quite humorous. I'm getting caught up and will be up to date by tomorrow.


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