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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Let me ask you this...

My girlfriend, Tina at Golden Goodness, has started a new game where she throws out eight random questions and asks us to play along.

Right now her game doesn't have a name so she calls it Let me ask you this... but her questions from last week created such a buzz that she threw eight more at us this week AND asked us to help her come up with a name for it (HUGE MISTAKE!)

I have this obsession about work games. I LOVE to try and come up with cute plays on words and I can't quit until the winner has been chosen. I'm okay if I'm not the winner....but my brain just will.not.shut.up. until it has been told that the word game has ended...SOOOOOO, needless to say, I have sent her several submission and begged asked her to hurry up and decide on something before I go insane and take her down with me.

Anyway, I didn't play last week - not sure why, I just didn't (sorry Tina). So, I'm going to play TWICE tonight and maybe - hopefully - she will have a name picked by next week and a cute little linkey button for us to post along with it.

So here it goes...

Let me ask you this #1

1. Where do you fold your laundry?

A. In the den, on the sofa, where it continues to sit until it grows legs and walks to the respective rooms to be put away (or until it gets worn again which usually comes first).

2. Must you be sure the dishes are washed before you go to bed each night?

A. Nope, and neither does my daughter - whose chore it is to do the dishes. If I were to be sure they were done every night, she would NEVER get any sleep...

3. Do you use caller id to screen your calls?

A. Yes, absolutely. I do not answer calls from numbers that I don't recognize - and sometimes I don't answer the ones I do either ;)

4. Do you let the low fuel light come on in your car before you fill up?

A. Yep, don't know it needs gas until I hear that little bell.

5. Are you a registered voter?

A. Yes, I am but I guess I voted for the 'other guy' last time because I was so sick I didn't get to vote (I won't tell you if my choice won or not...I'll just make you wonder) BUT if I was on my death bed and it was voting day for a new mayor...I would drag my ass out just for the chance that my one vote might be the one to kick his ass out of office - but I don't feel strongly about that or anything.

6. Breakfast for dinner is one thing, but can you eat dinner for breakfast?

A. Can not eat anything but breakfast for breakfast - no matter what time it is. If it's the first meal of the day...it has to be breakfast.

7. Do you click on the ads you see on people's blogs?

A. No, sorry no time.

8. Do you just want to yell at smokers who are clearly standing within 50ft of the door at a restaurant?

A. No, I guess I don't even notice.

Let me ask you this #2

1. Rare, medium or well-done?

A. None of the above. I like medium well.

2. Do you plan to stay in the house you're in for the rest of your life?

A. I hope not, but with the way things are looking....the prospect of an upcoming relocation doesn't look very promising.

3. Why do you have the size bed you have?

A. I bought my King sized bed because I wanted more room to sleep comfortably, without anyone being right on top of me all the time; however, that logic didn't work. All I did was get more room for more people to sleep right on top of me in the bed.

4. When you buy milk, do you just grab a jug or do you look for the latest exp. date?

A. Always look at the expiration date. Milk is way too expensive to purchase without getting the maximum possible days from it.

5. Do you and your spouse go on dates? How often?

A. Not nearly as often as we should.

6. Do you like to play board games? Favorite?

A. Yes, love, love, love to play games. My most recent favorites are the Scene It games. SO FUN!!

7. Do you have a day each week that you sleep late?

A. If I could, I would seep late every single day. Sleeping is one of my favorite pass times; but, to answer the question, Sunday's are usually the days that I sleep in.

8. Do you wear shoes in your house or park them at the door?

A. I don't park them at the door, but I don't wear them in the house either - heck, half the time I don't even wear them outside. I go barefoot as often as possible.

There you go.. Two weeks of Tina's random eight. Let me know if you decide to play along - oh yeah, and please make sure to link back to Tina - since they are questions from her very own brain power :)

And most importantly...Have fun!



  1. Yay! Glad you did the questions! :)

    I promise to pick a name soon...I need to gather all of your suggestions and the like, three others, so I can pick one or at least some combination of them all!!

    Thank you for all the help...and I really don't mind that you keep coming up with more! :)

  2. I played too but I am not clever enough to play the "name that game" game LOL!!

  3. That was fun!:)

    Your trying to pick a title comments on Tina's blog really got me tickled.;)

    I loved your comment about the mayor of Crazyville...You are so right...I think his time should be up..I'm just saying.;)

    That was fun getting to know you better; I need to have Tina pose a question about "ordering food" at local restaurants. (Your answer would be hysterical!) ;)

    I will do this post soon too.

    Oh, by the way, did you know that Pratt died Thursday night on ER?;)

    Big hugs!

  4. ♥ That was fun to read! I love the questions and answers! :)


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