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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Battle of The Buds

You may remember the time that we all sat down for a family meal that my eleven year old cooked.

The Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo dinner that will live on in history forever. Never to be forgotten.

Well, the next time she made us Fettuccine Alfredo we all gathered around the kitchen table as we prepared to enjoy our meal, without any extra seasoning.

She must not have recognized it without the extra spices because as she took her first bite she remarked how, "This doesn't taste right."

Taking a sample bite, "It tastes fine to me." I tell her, "You didn't put anything 'extra' in it did you?"

"No ma'am." she says and takes another bite. "Well, it tastes funny to me. Maybe I should try putting it on a different taste bud."

Ah yes, a different taste bud. Maybe that will help. HA!

I guess Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo will always continue to be a source of entertainment around our dinner table.



  1. Funny girl. Love it that she cooks for the family. We're working on it.

  2. Cute story!

    I love all your turtles - too cute!!

    Take care - Kellan

  3. Ha, I wish it worked that way. Then maybe I could stomach things that were more healthy for me like fish. Eeew.


  4. It is still a source of amusement to me too...every time I see Cinnamon, I think of you both.;)

    And tell her that she can come and cook for me anytime...I'll use whatever taste bud I need to in order to eat the food...I would just be so tickled to have help in the kitchen.;)

    Big hugs,

  5. I have this little urge in the back of my mind everytime we have Fettuccine Alfredo to add your daughters "secret ingredient" I mean my curiosity almost gets the better of me. Notice I said ALMOST!


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