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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tell Me Your Story (Tag)

Apparently I suck at tag because I got caught again by my bloggy buddy, Amy from In My Life. (one day, Amy....one day, I'm gonna catch you first. I'm just sayin')

She recently wrote a post called Tell Me Your Story - 'cept her story was so wonderful she had to write it in two posts. ;) In her story she tells how she and her wonderful husband Bo Shannon met and fell in love. As if all that romance wasn't sickening sweet enough for you, she tagged ten more bloggers to share their tales of love.

And so, without further ado, here is the story of how the hubby and I met:

Once there was a beautiful princess... Oops sorry, wrong story.

Young, Naive and full of hopes and dreams; she graduated from high school and immediately entered into the workforce.

School was not her cup of tea, but being a Cashier/Supervisor at the grocery store no longer seemed 'grown up' enough for her to be able to make it on her own - something she was determined to accomplish.

They were a serious couple. They were in love but neither knew for certain what that complicated emotion looked like. There had been talk of seeing other people but she wasn't interested.

A few months into her 'grown up' job, she saw someone she thought was 'cute'. Interested in getting to know him better, but wanting to remain loyal to her boyfriend, she went to his apartment and they talked; both agreed to the possibility of a split. And so, they parted ways to spread their fins in the great big ocean of life.

Immediately after the breakup the guy who seemed so cute before no longer had his magical appeal. She had made a mistake and she knew it. Unfortunately, it was too late. There was a vulture in the air. Sensing there might soon be some prey, she circled around and swooped in as soon as the coast was clear.

They say if you love someone, set them free. If they come back they're yours. If they don't, they never were.

The person who coined this phrase (I believe his name was Richard Bach) didn't know that sometimes, there are traps in that great big ocean of life that prevent those we love from returning.

They can't come back when they are caught in a net and so she let him go....Life doesn't stop just because you chose the wrong path; it keeps going and you have to keep walking if you want to find your way out of the forest.

Lost in the fog, thick with the reality of grief over the loss of what she now understood was a true love. She continued along the path she now found herself on, getting lots of bumps, scrapes and bruises along the way. With each bump she learned a new lesson and after every scrape she chose a different path. The bruises were reminders of all the wrong turns she had taken. She had some scars too, they were from the lessons she was supposed to have learned, but that she didn't get the first time around.

Years later, still battered and bruised from all the wrong turns she had taken, fighting to find her way out of the weeds that she now found herself tangled in, she turned around and found herself next to him.

He was a quiet guy. He kept to himself. He had full, luscious lips and big, mysterious eyes highlighted by his thick eyebrows.

They worked together. She was his supervisor (shh! don't tell anyone). When they would eat meals together, at work, they would talk and get to know more about each other. Every time, he would watch her slide into the booth and tell her what pretty legs she has.

One night in May, they went out together after work. After a friendly game (or two, or four) of pool, they walked over and sat along the riverside where they listened to the The Sunset Symphony Orchestra play, as James Hyter sang Ole Man River.

The evening had ended and she was taking him back to his house, but first she had to use the restroom.


Now I realize the some might say she could have stopped somewhere along the way to use the bathroom; but not her! She HATES public bathrooms!! And her house was not out of the way - not that it would have mattered even if it was - so she swung by and they went inside to take care of the call of Mother Nature.

Since they were already there, he decided he also needed to visit the facilities and so she sat down while she waited.

Mistake?? I guess it depends on who you ask...

She has this habit - it's the same today as it was back then: Once she gets home, if she sits down and gets comfortable, that's it; she's there to stay.

And so, she stayed; as did he. And she never did get around to taking him back home.

So, who said you don't get a second chance at love??

After recently celebrating their twelve year anniversary; I guess she's going to keep him. But they're not stuck! No longer taking things a year at a time, they have each other on a month-by-month contract. ;)



  1. Rent to own, month by month, romance....Sigh.;)

    That was great, Shelly! I am enjoying tagging you....I just keep learning more and more (and you know how nosy I am, so I just love it!).

    And about another round of tag, catch me first if you can....I'm just saying.;)

    Have a great day, my sweet friend!

  2. Awwww. So sweet! I just love these stories. I guess I'm just a mushy old romantic. I actually smile at all the smiley parts and get choked up at the profound moments. I'm glad to share in your happily ever after...

  3. Quite the narrative, little missy! And the rest is history! :)

    I'll get mine done soon I hope...need to figure out how to make it more interesting...hmm...maybe a PICTURE from back then would do the trick! Donald would KILL ME! LOL

  4. ain't love grand?!! thanks for sharing your story...how can I top that? : )

  5. Thanks for sharing your story.
    What a great little writer you are..

    I don't have a story yet.. :} But he's out there somewhere..

    I have had so much fun learning about you in the last couple of post..

  6. Just checking in to say Hello!
    Not to many people blog on the weekend..


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