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Hello and welcome to a small snapshot of what life's like inside my little corner of the world. I'm Shelly, I have a satisfying career and I'm shackled to my supurb husband. I'm the step-monster to his stylish son and together we have two stunningly beautiful daughters - Sugar and Spice, two stubborn dogs and a squawking bird. These are just some of the stories of my life.

Friday, September 5, 2008


She came home after a long day at work. She sat down in her comfortable, brown recliner and surveyed the room around her.

The clothes that she had washed and folded were still neatly piled on the couch, never having grown the legs that her children must believe that all clean clothes sprout. I mean, how else do they get put away, where they belong??

The junk that had gathered on the love seat throughout the week still remained. And Sam, her dachshund, had hurdled over the pile to climb his way to the top, where he was now resting peacefully.

Everything was jut as they had left it: the tired, old, worn out - but nonetheless comfortable - furniture was still in its assigned place and the photos on the walls were the same; yet, something felt different....something was off...

Clearly, this was her home: the place she came back to every day, the place where she loved and was loved in return, the place where memories of the past lingered in the air and new ones were being made every day.

As she turned on her computer and began to tell the world - or all the tens of people who read the things she writes - about her day, she realized what was different...

It was... her ADDRESS! Her address had changed.

Not only that, but she had gotten a new identity too. To herself, her friends and family - those who new her before the plastic surgery - she sounded and looked the same. But to the rest of the world....

To the rest of the world she looked like Shelly.

Welcome to my NEW - and hopefully improved - blog. I hope the tens of readers that I had, prior to the makeover, were able to find their way over to my new place.

Whether you're a first time visitor or you knew from "the good ol' days", take your shoes off and relax a while. Pull up a chair - doesn't matter what it looks like, as long as it's comfortable - and make yourself at home. With any luck, you will enjoy my stories enough to want to come back - but don't forget the address, because I'm not changing it again :)



  1. nice to meet you, Shelly. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you can come back soon.

  2. I am very glad to have a new stalker in my life.;) And I am also very excited to get to know you at this new blog of yours...I think it will be lots of fun here at your new place.

    So, I'll be stalking to you soon, Shelly!;)

    Big hugs,

  3. Hey, Shelly,
    Amy filled me in on your story.
    You go girl!
    Amy's Mom - Sandra :)

  4. I absolutely love your new look Shelly dear!! heehee
    Where there is a will there is a way. You just keep on keepin' on girl!

  5. I loved your old blogs and I love your new blog! See you soon - Kellan

  6. I should have known!
    It's still nice to meet you.


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