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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Shopping, Visiting Friends and Good Mail - OH MY!

We interrupt the regularly scheduled program, already in session, to bring you a few words from our sponsor...

It was Saturday, and it was going to be a very busy day for her. The plan was for the girls to go over to their Nana's house so that she and her mom could go on their weekly outing; afterwards, she was going to Crazyville for a semi-surprise visit with her bloggy friend, Amy.

The oldest child spent the night at a friends house on Friday night, so that altered the plans slightly. The modified plan was to take the youngon to her Nana's that morning and then she would meet her mom for some shopping fun. When she finished shopping she was going to pick the oldest up from her friends house and reunite her with her little sister at their Nana's.

Once all of this was done, it was after 3:00. She had a little more than thirty minutes to go home, let the dogs out, feed them, take a shower and get ready before Tina (the surprise part of her visit to Crazyville) was scheduled to arrive.

They arrived at the house and the worlds second greatest husband,Bo Shannon, came out to admire her car greet them - just as he did the last time.

She was so excited to see us! Once all of the excitement of our arrival was over, we posed for some pictures and then we all settled down, around the family table, and enjoyed Pizza together.

Look Mia, we saved you a piece!

And we even put it in one of Amy's beautiful bowls from Italy :)

And for dessert, we had low fat chocolate pie. YUMMY!! (Sorry Mia, we didn't save you any pie...You can blame it on Tina; she had two pieces... I'm just sayin')

Then we had Amy open her very belated birthday gifts...

First up, were Tina's gifts: The Mama Mia Soundtrack and a Starbucks Gift Certificate

And let's not forget the Cotton Balls that we all know Amy loves so much :)

Did you know that this is a REAL phobia?? Except that no one seems to know the name of it.

Next it was my turn: Being the movie lover that I am, I got her one of my recent favorites - PS. I Love You - and a package of Kleenex, for when she watches this beautiful love story.

Of course, a gift from me wouldn't be complete without a frog. This is a special Angel Frog sent in memory of my Mamaw to watch after and protect Amy and her lovely family.

Speaking of birthday's, Amy found that I have one of those coming up very soon, so she got me a very special gift.

This is the most special picture frame I've ever gotten. It's not just a frame, it's a frame that was decorated with love, in memory of the Make-A-Wish Parade that I have been telling you all about. Isn't it cute??? And I know exactly what picture I am going to put in this very special frame - Thank you, Amy!!! I love it!!

We had such a good time, we almost forgot to leave. Time just flew by! Around Midnight, when eyes started getting droopy and the lights had gone off in the rest of the house, (Sorry Shannon! Instead of interrupting us when he was ready for bed, he just curled up on the couch and fell asleep - isn't he sweet??) we decided we had better call it a night.

Watch out Mia, the Super Stalkers got together and they may just show up on your door step one day soon. I'm just sayin'.


Saturday was so busy, I never got around to checking the mail. On Sunday I was sitting around, resting from the late night hours of the night before, and Kayla came walking in with a box.

"Here's the mail" she said as she handed me the package.

"What is this?" I wondered aloud, knowing I hadn't ordered anything recently. On the outside of the box it had two of my all time favorite words: Good Mail

This Good Mail package was from Dawn. She's one of our newer members on the Good Mail group and she saw that my birthday was coming up, so she thought I would be the perfect recipient of her first good mail package. But this wasn't just any good mail package...Dawn had done her homework and inside was the cutest little hand made card and the most adorable salt and pepper shakers EVER!!!

Aren't they cute??

When you get a minute head on over to Dawn's place @ Dawn's Daily Life and show her some bloggy love. I was lurking tonight and she's got a beautiful family. I couldn't stay long because I had to write this post - in between dinner, dogs and hair - but never fear....I'll be back around to stalk get to know you a little better soon.

Thank you, Dawn! I absolutely LOVED this very special good mail package. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful weekend.



  1. I am so glad you loved your Good Mail. You can drop on by my blog anytime, or stalk my blog, whatever. ;-) I thought the kissing turtle salt & pepper shakers were hilarious!! I actually stumbled upon them, and I was quite happy when I did.

    Oh, and I absolutely loved PS I Love You. She might need some extra tissues. That movie made me cry like a baby.

  2. Oh what a night! We had so much fun! :)

    I need to see that movie. I'll have a THIRD piece of that low-fat chocolate pie, thankyouverymuch.

    Mia, Mia, Mia...you have no idea what you're getting yourself into with Amy and Yvette...watch out!

    I LOVE your GOOD Mail! How sweet of Dawn to 'investigate' you!

  3. Yvette, every time I read your posts, I am laughing out loud and then I get all covered in goose pimples.;)

    I had so much fun with you and Tina, and so did Bo.;) (I loved your "he came out to look at your car" comment, by the way. That will crack his crab!) :)

    I'm glad you liked your gift; I wanted you to have a reminder of all of Maxie Mouse's hard work.

    I loved my gifts so much too! Shannon and I are going to pile up and watch the movie this weekend, and don't worry, I told him that I would share my tissues with him.;)

    Happy Birthday, sweet friend!
    Be sure to stop by my place today....I'm just saying.;)

    Much love,

  4. Hi forgot to say, "Great good mail!"
    What a special surprise!:)

    And, "Hi, Tina!" You can have all the chocolate pie you want, sweet friend!;)

  5. What a great post! so fun to meet bloggy buddies and good mail all the same weekend, How fun is that.

  6. Happy birthday, Yvette! I love your Minnie frame! I told Amy that you kind of resemble Minnie, except your much more stylish, of course! Enjoy your day!

  7. Great post. I know you all had so much fun visiting!

  8. sa061545@bellsouth.netWednesday, September 03, 2008

    Hey, Yvette! I hope you had a wonderful birthday! What you and your group have done is unbelievable!!!! Our company used to support the United Way at Halloween and bring in little kids for trick or treating and the place was all decorated and the people were too! We did Batman and the Wizard of Oz and had such fun. Now they never do anything like that any more. It's a shame because community service is so important but even more so when a wish is granted for a sick child.
    You go girl!
    Sandra - Amy's Mom :)


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