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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Do they ever get it right?

I wonder how studies get started?

Do you think anyone has ever done a study to determine how many times fast food restaurants actually get it right?

If the amount of times they've gotten my order wrong over the years is any indication, I would be willing to bet that they only get it right less than 50% of the time.

How many times have you gone to the drive-thru, ordered your food and driven all the way back home only to discover that they screwed up your order?

The four year old LOVES 'Donalds' (after all, how many four year old's do you know who don't love 'Donald's?)

She asks for it all the time.

Last night we were so late returning home that I caved and we drove through Mc Donalds to grab a bite on our way home.

As you may recall, I HATE onions - right?


So of course, I ALWAYS order my burgers minus the onions and I can not even begin to tell you how many times they get this wrong. I mean seriously, how hard is it to leave off the onions??

Used to be, I would order my burgers with no pickles and no onions; but, as the years went on, I began to think that this might be too complicated for them to remember. At which point, I decided that I could pick the pickles off; so I narrowed it down to only one special request - thinking this would increase their odds of accuracy.

This line of thinking worked for a while but the staff soon evolved into a breed of apparent lesser intelligence and before I knew it, I was right back where I started - with them getting it wrong more often than not...

Last night was no exception to this rule. After waiting in line for several minutes too long for the man two cars in front of us to get his order, you would think that they had enough time to cook special orders for every person in line. But when we arrived home and sat down to eat, we soon discovered that this was not the case. The onion fairy had thrown up on every.single.burger in our bag.

Not willing to drive all the way back to this particular location, we grabbed a butter knife out of the drawer and began the tedious task of removing all of those teeny-tiny onions.

When she unwrapped her second sandwich, the eleven year old suddenly exclaimed, "Heeeeey! They jacked my burger up!"

Laughing at her phrasology, I said "Yes, I know. They jacked all of our burgers up. What are you talking about?"

At which point, she shows me this....

Which gives a whole new meaning to the famous, eighties catch-phrase, "Where's The Beef?"



  1. I do not leave the drive threw without checking our order but then we dont have to actually look for no onions just the right order. I wouldnt if I were you. Or if you do get all the way home, which happens when my husband picks up our orders. I call and tell them, I also tell them I wont be spending gas money to come back right then, so I get an order for next time. AND that was horrible that there was no beef! I hope you called. let me know!!!! HORRIBLE

  2. This totally made me LOL!
    Jacked up indeed. Her beef's been hi-jacked!

  3. Oh!! THAT takes the beef, I mean, Cake!!! Wow!!

    Now I know that you surely didn't say 'hold the onions, AND BEEF'...so I guess they've had enough of your 'hold the onions' and decided to get you back.

    Wow...fine dining at it's best.

  4. worked at McDonald's in my youth, as a result I DON'T eat there...but my youngest loves those Snack Wraps so we go occassionally.
    My hubs doesn't budge from the drive-thru window until he has gone through the bag thoroughly. This has gotten us many dirty looks from the drive-thru personel! LOL!

  5. Oh my goodness...I've never heard of them leaving the MEAT out!!! Did you go back then???

  6. We have a couple of those very special people in our family who have to have the very special order. I understand completely what you are saying sister! When the order is wrong, who pays? It's always mom's fault. Boo hoo.
    Now I think I'll go get some McDonald's french fries.

  7. Oh MY!! Can you EVEN believe?!! But I've gotta say.. I'm not shocked at all! lol

  8. That is funny! I have received the wrong order many times...but never minus the meat!

    I guess that is just God's way of keeping you in plenty of blog related material..don't ya think?;)

    Kisses to you (minus the onion breath, of course).


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