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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

From the Mouths of Babes

They wake up in the mornings and get ready to start their day.

The twelve year old has a bus to catch early in the mornings. The four year old goes into the city with her mom each morning.

Their routine is to warm up the car, fix their drinks for the ride in and grab a breakfast food for the road.

Car warmed, seat belts buckled, they back out of the drive and head towards the city.

She notices that the car doesn't sound right, but it's cold so she dismisses the noise and continues towards the interstate.

On the interstate she notices that it's not steering right. Every slight movement in the steering wheel earns an exaggerated response. Suddenly, there's a bad noise. Something is definitely not right here.

She pulls over to the side of the interstate and gets out to see what the problem is....She walks around and discovers a flat tire. She gets back in the car and calls her husband for help.

While waiting for him to arrive, the four year old begins asking questions about what is going on.

4 y/o: "What was that noise?"
Mom: "We have a flat tire."
4 y/o: "Why is that red light blinking?"
Mom: "Because that makes the flashers work."
4 y/o: "Why?"
Mom: "The flashers blink to let other drivers know that we are having car trouble."

After her series of questions were answered, seemingly satisfied with all of the responses given, she ponderes over all of this new information for a few minutes.

Then, she looks at her mother and says, in all of her four year old wisdom, "Okay, so who's going to save us?"

LOL! I love my children!!

In my twelve years of being a mother, I can not begin to tell you how many times one of my girls has said something, in a moment like this - where no humor can be found, something so profound that it completely changes the entire tone of the situation.



  1. ♥ Very cute! I love that she knew someone was going to save you guys, she just wasn't sure who! :)

  2. Oh precious girl!! So glad you both got "saved" : )
    Kinda scary being on the side of the interstate!!

  3. These are the moments that make motherhood worth it if nothing else does. This is so sweet!

  4. LOL!:) God knew what He was doing when He made babes....amen?;)

    I'm sorry about your tire......Do you think we are starting to morph into the same person? Sigh......

    And when you get a chance today...stop by my blog...I have a little something for you.:)

    Big hugs,

  5. Hey girl, I love the things kids say...sounds like that was a perfect moment too.
    Hey, I want to join the good mail group. How do I do that?

  6. Aw...STINK about the tire, but I'm so glad your comic relief was in tow! :)


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