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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Seeing the World Through Two New Eyes

Last weekend the girls and I went shopping with mom.

As we walked in to the store, I noticed they had a sign for "Free Eye Exams Today".

Going through the open enrollment process, for benefits, at work and trying to decide if I should get vision or not, I sat down in the chair for my Free Exam.

The nice lady sat across from me and asked that I look into a big gray machine. "Okay, this exam is for reading," she said. "Can you read line 6 for me?"

"Ummmm, no." I tell her

"How about line 5?"

"Nope, not really."

"Okay, what about line 4?"

Line 4 I can read and I spout off the letters, as if I should get a gold star or a cookie or something as a consolation prize for being able to see them.

"Well, that's 20/50. You should be wearing reading glasses," She says.

"Yes, I do" I reply, sheepishly.

"How old are you?" she asks.

Quickly doing the math in my head, "37" I mumble respond.

"Uh-hu!" she chides, "You know, the closer you get to forty..."

YES, YES, I KNOW!! My inner voice screams.

I wish everyone would stop reminding me that I'm creeping up on barreling down on 40. I'm trying to tiptoe into it so that maybe my body won't notice when I hit the big four-o. Sheesh!

Haven't they ever turned forty before? Don't they remember what it was like?

What is it about forty anyway? When people find out your close to forty, they look at you differently, with an understanding, pitying look in their eyes. It's like a magic number or something - like the amount of miles you hit in your car before things start breaking down and needing repair.

I've still got a few miles left on these tires, folks. Don't start trading me in for a new model just yet.

But my eyes....well, seems like they may need an upgrade.

She replaces the reading exam with the distance exam and asks if I can read line 7, to which I simply laugh.

"Okay, what about line 6?"

"I don't know; am I supposed to see two sixes?" I ask

"No" She says and asks, "how about line 5?"

"I see two fives too."

"Line 4?"

Yes! I can read line four and I read the letters off to her once more.

"Again, that's 20/50. You need to make an appointment for an eye doctor, quickly" she tells me in her motherly, I wouldn't ride in a car with you, voice.

Guess that decides it for the benefits, huh?

Today I got my glasses and now I'm seeing the world through two new eyes.

Wow! Things look crisper!

But how about me?? How do I look with these foreign objects on my face??

(Just ignore all of those chins, m'kay? Thanks!)

(Oh yeah, and we've only been here three weeks so please ignore the boxes too. Thanks alot! :)



  1. I think the glasses really look great on you!! Let me also tell you that turning 40 isn't a big deal at all it is the day after you turn 40 that eveything seems to start falling apart...LOL
    A good way to look at aging is to think of the alternative!! As long as you continue to age it means you're not dead yet!!! So just keep looking forward to that next birthday no matter how large that number seems, each birthday is a blessing!!

  2. goodness, we even look a little alike!

  3. Oh Shelly, I do like your glasses and I also love your hair down. The only photos I have been of you have been with your hair back, and or shorter, but I do like it very much.

    Good choice for the frames, you look tres chic darling!

  4. You look beautiful, Shelly!:)

    And tell me about the trees....Do you see tiny leaves? ;) Just ignore me.

    LOL!:) Thanks for sharing!:)

    Okay, I promise to stop now.;)

    I can't wait to see more of your house. *hint*hint* I bet you love it even more now that you can see it clearly.;)

    And your glasses look so nice on you, my sweet friend.

    Big hugs!

  5. Oh, and I totally agree with Dianne. Your choice of frames is very chic.:)

  6. ♥ ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! 3 weeks is ALL... We've been here for 5/6 weeks and I still have loads of boxes! I really need to get busy! I think that's going to be my goal for this week... I'm not sure what the motivator will be maybe getting a Christmas tree up? I feel like such a slacker! SERIOUSLY!

    Oh and the glasses are great! Very modern and cute! :)

  7. Those glasses look so cute on you! And I just turned 40. It's so much better than I thought it would be...I actually feel better at forty than I have for the last three years. Just goes to show that you're really as young as you feel inside. So just walk tall, Shelly, and wear those glasses proudly!

  8. Okay this is coming from someone who is OVER 40,wears glasses and has a couple more chins than you do....YOU LOOK MARVELOUS DAHHLING!!!
    Enjoy your new found sight! I hope you and your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving! God Bless


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