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Monday, February 23, 2009

The First Dance

They grow up so fast...

It seems like only a few short years ago that I was holding my tiny angle in my arms.

Swaying back and forth when she was fussy, humming a soft lullaby as she settled down and drifted back off to dream land.

Dancing with her in the daylight hours. Spinning her around quickly, faster and faster as she squealed with giggles of pure delight.

Then, one day my little girl - the first born, no longer a baby, not yet an adult - comes home and announces that her school is having a dance. "It's a Valentine's dance!" She exclaims.

"It's semi formal. We have to wear a dress. It can't be short. It can't be sleeveless or spaghetti straps. It has to be either Pink, White or Red." She says without even a single pause for air between sentences. "So can I go?"

"When is it?" I ask. "Does it cost anything? If so, how much?"

"It's on a Friday. I think it cost $5.00"

And then, the search was on...

The search for the perfect "First Dance" dress.

One that's not too young but also not too mature. Not too short, not too long. No sleeveless, no spaghetti straps.

Keeping all this criteria in mind and after about an hour of searching, I had narrowed it down to only two choices.

Making a call or two to the kiddo, together we decided to go with the pink one.

The dance was last Friday night.

She was very excited as I did her hair. Looking at the clock every few minutes, rushing me on, ready to get there - heaven forbid she not arrive right.at.6 o'clock.on.the.dot. *Sigh* Someone needs to teach this girl about being 'fashionably' late.

Here is the end results:

She had a great time at the dance! AND she says she actually danced. :)

Oh, and apparently, we also have a 'first crush' ;)

*Sigh* Slow down child, I'm not ready for this...



  1. *Sigh*

    They do grow up so fast......

    Tell her that she looked SO "pretty in pink."


  2. hehehe, such a great story! first dance first crush. HOLY COW. they do grow up too fast

  3. Oh slow down, slow down!!! Why can't we just get them to slow down!!! They grow up so fast--it is beautifully sad!!!!

  4. Sigh, oh my, so grown up and so looking so lovely. Nice choice on the dress there and as a hairdresser may I just say, I love her hair!

  5. I will repeat what I said on Facebook....BEAUTIFUL! and tell that hair stylist I'd like to make a Friday morning appointment.
    By the way they DO grow up way to fast. Just wait until YOUR baby is holding HER baby! WOW! that's a surreal moment!!

  6. Oh and BTW, you do know you were one of the special friends in Crazyville I was talking about in my 5 by 5 post?

  7. She looks so sweet. First crush? Oh, my. It begins...


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