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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Watch out for the lightning!

They were eating their burgers at McDonald’s when the four year old suddenly announced to the table, out of the clear blue sky, that “that pin hurt my bottom!”

Of course, a comment like that elicited a few looks until dawning finally registered in her mother’s face, at which time she explained that she had a boil about a month back and that they had to use a pin to help drain it.

I have always heard that they – whoever ‘they’ are - don’t really know what causes those nasty things. Some say stress, other’s say ingrown hairs and apparently others say the cause is from low iron, as this was the statement her mother made upon hearing of this episode. “You know what causes those, don’t you?” she asked.

“No, I thought they could be caused from stress.” Her uninformed daughter replied.

“No, they’re caused from low iron.” She said, enlightening the daughter. “You need to start feeding that baby more iron.” She tells her, to which the twelve year old pipes in with: “But then she might get struck by lightning!”

Letting that thought sink in for a minute, she looked over at her oldest daughter and said, “Where in the heck did you hear that?” LOL!

Somewhat embarrassed and yet still completely clueless, she made up some story about hearing it on one of the TV shows that she watches; but, looking back on it today, I don’t think she really ‘heard’ this anywhere. I think she actually thought we were talking about feeding her sister iron – the metallic substance. ;)

And all this time I thought that the possibility of getting struck by lightning could happen to anyone; apparently though, this phenomenon only applies to those of you with a high intake of iron in your diet.

Watch out for the lightning!!



  1. you are fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuny that wa sawsome woman that i have never met before but still call you mommy. You are the best. Oops my mom that i have never met before is calling me and telling me to get in the house and give her a hug.

  2. kids CRACK me up!! they say the funniest things!

  3. Note to self: Stop taking my multivitamin with extra iron immediately. I cannot afford to take any chances.;)

    ((BIG HUGS!))

  4. "Watch out for lightning" especially around your bottom!!! LOL! Bookworm had one of those a couple of years ago in the same area. Oh it was bad and we had to have it lanced. But she kept her little "secret" until it got so bad it required outpatient surgery UGGHH!

  5. Thank you for this enlightening news!

  6. The reason I get back to your blog everytime is the high quality posts I get here. You write really well, and I enjoy every bit of time I spend here.


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