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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Michele My Bell

If you've known me for any amount of time, you've heard me talk about her.

We go to the movies together almost every weekend.

Sometimes, I even blog about the movies we see in my other blog - Movies With Mom.

As I've grown, our interaction has matured into more than just that of a mother/daughter relationship.

She has literally become my best friend.

And now, she's blogging too. :)

So... without further ado, please welcome my mom to blogville!

You can go check her out at Michele My Bell.

What are you waiting for? Run on over and show her some bloggy love.

Love you mom! :)



  1. I showed her some love.:) I'm glad that she is joining in on all of this good bloggy nonsense.;)

  2. All in the family! I"ll have to pop over and introduce meself.

    sounds like your VD was fun! As for us? We went to buffalo wild wings, had a beer, took our wings to go, and went home and stuffed ourselves. oh, yeah, the romance happened before the chicken wings. :) can you believe the obnoxious music they play in these bar-type places? it was enough to make us leave. are we getting old? sigh. don't answer that.

  3. Good for Mom. I'm going over to check her out.
    Denise :)


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