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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Grilling Goodness #11

Guess what time it is??


That's right! It's time, once again, for some Golden Goodness.

Please feel free to play along and don't forget to go back to Tina's site and fill in Mr. Linky to let her know you played. I know she would love to hear what you have to say. :)

1. What pain reliever do you swear by?

I'm not a big fan of taking medicine. In fact, I'm so bad that I will walk around all day long complaining of a headache and it will never occur to me that I should take something until someone asks if I have.


So I guess you could say there isn't one singe pain reliever that I swear by; but, when I finally do break down and take something, it's usually Tylenol.

2. Have you gotten up-to-date with a flat screen HDTV?

Nope, but if anyone would like to make a donation towards the cause, I would not turn it away. ;) I'm just sayin'!

3. Have you honked at anyone lately?

I'm more of a 'vocal driver' than a 'horn honker' (I've decided it's a genetic disorder that runs in my family.) so I'm more likely to cuss at you than to honk at you.

However, just the other day I honked at this man on the interstate. He was trying to be in my lane and his lane too. I had no where to go so I honked, he moved back over and I went along my merry way (away from him!)

4. What is your favorite household product?

When I think of household products, I think of cleaning and that is not something that makes me happy so I don't really know what my favorite household product would be but I guess we all know - thanks to Amy - that it isn't Endust. ;)

5. What is the earliest you've gotten up this week and why?

Around 5:30 or 6:00 - to get ready for work.

6. Do you travel out of town for Christmas?

Most of our relatives are right here in town so there is never a need to travel. We usually stay home and enjoy our time together.

7. Have you been listening to Christmas music? (Favorite?)

I listened to it the other day, when I was in the car with mom; does that count??

8. When do you exchange gifts with family?

We open our gifts on Christmas morning - usually at the crack of dawn, before even the birds wake, because of two excited little girls who can't wait any longer.



  1. 1. You are Shannon in a Spanx and skirt.;)

    2. I'll send you some money right after I'm done paying for my pre paid legal.;) LMAO!:)

    3. Genetic disorder??? That's what I should start calling all of my post traumatic stress from the cruise issues.....%*$#@

    4. LOL!:) Thanks for sharing!:)

    5. Like Shannon. I'm just saying.

    7. Like Shannon again. He only listens to it when I am in the car with him, and I make him listen to it.;)

    Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family!
    Love ya tons,

  2. I am loving this little bit of down time to catch up on some blogging goodness! I always love to read your comments. Can't wait to hear about Christmas!



  3. Would you keep a new tv dusted?? I'm just sayin'!! LOL

    I hope you had a lovely crack-of-dawn Christmas!!!


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