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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Polar Express

Many bloggers took a bloggy break over the Thanksgiving holidays.

So now we've made it past the Thanksgiving holiday and it's time for the stories to begin again.

Join us, as we take you along with us on our little trip to the Polar Express:

First, we boarded the train and gave our tickets to the conductor.

Then we were seated at our table, as we waited for our first course...

Ahhh, there it is now...Hot Chocolate (but be careful because it's very hot!)

Next came our chicken tenders and fries

And while we ate, this handsome gentleman entertained us with a reading of The Polar Express.

After the reading, he gave each of the children a magical bell from Santa's sleigh.

When all the magical bells had been handed out, he told the girls and boys to raise them up high and jingle them. "Ah what a beautiful sound." He said, "too bad the grown ups can't hear them."

And for desert we were served a very warm, very soft, very good, chocolate chip cookie.

Afterwards, we went out and had our pictures taken.

Our conductor was wonderful with the children.
He was especially taken with Spice.
When we were listening to the story, she broke the silence with her exclamation that the hot chocolate was too hot and that it had burned her tongue.
A few minutes later, he came in with a cup of ice water for her.
How nice was that??
After our journey, the girls wanted to take a carriage ride.

Meet Jeff.

Jeff took us for a pleasant ride around the square.
The girls really enjoyed the ride - as is evident in this sweet picture.

These precious moments are few and far between - good thing I caught it on camera; otherwise, I might not believe it myself. ;)

Thank you, Jeff! We enjoyed our ride.

Oh, and this is Jeff's friend. We don't know his name, but he seemed to be in the Christmas spirit.

Next, we went over to the center of the square and took a few Christmas pictures.

And finally, we strode over to check out the log cabin.

I just love looking at places like this. Let me walk around in an old, abandoned building, envisioning how it used to look and what the people who lived there were like, and I'm a happy camper.

If Spice doesn't look too happy, it's because her horrible mother said no when asked if this was were Santa lives.
She didn't hear the hope in her heart when the question was posed to her.
She didn't see the wistfulness in her eyes.
And she didn't know that she had crushed her dream with that one word response, until she saw this...

Aw baby, Mommy's sorry. Santa doesn't live here. But maybe he does stay here whenever he's in town...

Well, that back peddling must have worked because this is the end. I hope you enjoyed virtually coming along with us on our little Polar Express journey this weekend.
Happy Holiday's!



  1. What a fun day!:)

    The pictures of all of you are SO beautiful! You have two very sweet and spicy girls.:)

    And I LOVE to look into old cabins too! I have never looked inside that one in downtown Crazyville. I will have to hop over there and take a peek.

    Happy Holidays, my sweet friend!
    (((BIG HUGS!)))

  2. Wonderful post and great pics! Thank you for taking us on the Polar Express with you and yours.

  3. wow, that sounds like so much fun!

  4. ♥ How fun! I didn't even know that they had such a place! ;)

  5. What an awesome memory!And what beautiful pictures. Have to go get the Polar Express out to read to the boys tomorrow now...

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your fun day! We love the Polar Express...how neat that it came to life for your girls!!
    Thank you for your sweet comments you cheered me up!

  7. What a fabulous time - WOW~!!! I love the Polar Express adventure - that is very cool! What a great picture of your with your beautiful girls!

    Have a good Friday - Kellan

  8. Oh this Polar express thing looks like a wonderful experience.

    And you were drinking from sippy cups, I love them! Ag shame! I have sippy cup issues, to be explained at a later date.

    I'm so haooy to be back in the land of the blog living again, it has been good catching up with you.

  9. What beautiful young ladies: all three of you!

  10. That is AWESOME!! What a neato day!

    Those girls are precious!

    And is that your Mom?? I've never 'met' her!! :)


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