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Monday, January 11, 2010

Cardboard Pizza?

It had been a long week:

Still getting back into the swing of things after the holidays. A spittle of snow had fallen over the city - closing the schools - with two day highs reaching a whopping 7 to 8 degrees.

Friday had finally arrived!

Sugar called to ask what they were going to do for supper. "Can we go out tonight?" she asked.

Way too cold to even think about getting out and trying to wrap up all of her work before heading home for the weekend, she didn't have time to give much thought to dinner.

"No baby, it's too cold to go anywhere tonight." She said to the disappointed teenager. "I'll think about it and figure something out before I get home."

Sometime between hanging up the phone and arriving home, pizza popped into her mind.

It's quick... it's easy... it's perfect!

Now on to the next important quandary: what kind of pizza would it be?

Pizza Hut - Nah

Domino's - No

Papa John's - Not tonight

What then??

Freezer section - Kroger - DiGiorno (three meats, stuffed crust pizza)

Mm-mm! Just as good as any of those others and cost less too.

That decided it - Pizza it was!

She calls Sugar and tells her to preheat the oven, then heads to Kroger to pick up their dinner. She comes home, unwraps it and pops it into the preheated oven - reading the directions, she sets the timer for...

What?? 6 minutes...

"Wow!" she thought to herself as she heads towards the restroom to change out of her work clothes, "I knew it didn't take long but that's remarkably fast."

Not giving it another thought, she changes clothes and the timer soon goes off. As she heads back towards the kitchen, she starts thinking to herself, "there's no way that pizza can be ready this quickly."

"Wait a minute." She says to Sugar, trying to stop her before she gets too far into cutting the slices, "is that pizza really done? "

"Yes," Sugar replies, already having sliced it into fours.

Looking at the pizza, she clearly sees that it is not done so she picks up the package and reads the instructions again:

Bake 25 - 27 minutes.

Where in the hell did she get six minutes from?

Oh well, back into the oven it goes.

21 minutes later, the pizza is really done and as they begin slicing....

Have you ever heard the term, "It tastes like cardboard?"

Well, they discover where that saying came from when they realized that they had cooked the
pizza.... *drum roll please* ....


And this, folks, is why I leave the cooking to the thirteen year old.


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