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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Gentle Cycle

We've all had them, moments when we've put the cereal box in the refrigerator or the milk in the cabinet...

It was five a.m. when she stumbled out of bed, tripping over the five year old's shoes on her way to stop that constant buzzing sound, coming from the direction of her dresser.

Slapping at the annoying culprit, she finally gets the alarm turned off and wanders, sleepy eyed, into the bathroom for her morning shower.

After a few minutes of unsuccessfully working to get a good lather in her hair, and with the cobwebs of sleep still firmly rooted in her brain, she begins to think about the order of things while taking an inventory off all her shower products: shampoo bottle, check; men's shampoo, check; Gillette facial scrub and wash, check; children's shampoo and conditioner, check; feminine wash, check; All Clear facial scrub, check; bar of soap, check.

And suddenly, the fog begins to clear her mind....

Wait - a - minute: Her shampoo is clear, yes. What she put in her hair was clear, yes.

Ohhoho - laughter spilling forth as she looks back and forth between the bottles and the light bulb begins to burn a little brighter - yep!

That explains the mystery of the missing suds!

She had just washed her hair with the very, very gentle cycle!

I only hope it doesn't cause her hair to become coarse. ;) Just sayin'..



  1. Now that's a story...better than posting the color of your bra!

  2. Other than BWHWHWWHAHAHAHAAHAHA, I don't really have much to say. Except for ag shame.


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