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Monday, January 18, 2010

Signing up for Sadomasochism 

Not one to make New Years resolutions, she did tell herself that she would make an effort to attain a couple of personal goals in the year 2010.

The first goal she wanted to work towards was putting aside more time for one of her favorite pastimes - blogging. While it is still only January, she has made an honest effort to delve back in to her love of story telling and hopefully, as time ticks on, she will be able to continue with a schedule that allows her the necessary time for this passion.

The other thing that she has told herself she would like to accomplish is to get back into shape. Realistically speaking, she knows there are two things that will have to happen in order to achieve this goal: 1) keep her mouth shut - aka step away from the food - and 2) get off her butt - aka exercise.

Today she took the first step towards reaching her goal.

Today she joined the gym.

And today... she got her ass kicked!!

After signing up for sadomasochism joining the gym, she went back up there for her first - and quite possibly her last - Body Pump class.

Did the instructor not notice how big she was??

Did she not take one look at her and equate all that girth to the fact that this girl was most likely out of shape??

I'm not sure she did, because that woman tried her damnedest to kill me!

Apparently, I enjoy torment because my plan for tomorrow - provided I don't wake up dead from this afternoon's torture chamber session workout - is to go back for more... *sigh*

Lord, give me strength (to get out of the bed in the morning and be willing to do this all over again). Amen.

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