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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Frankly, Scarlet You Better Watch Out

There's a new Peacock in town...

...and her name is Betsy ;)



  1. I love it!:)

    Scarlet and Betsy will be thisclose!;)

    And I think that Scarlet is a "Betsy" too. They are like fraternal twins separated at birth.;)

  2. Yay!! You're on the VB bandwagon!!

    Betsy is beautiful! :)

  3. GIRL FIGHT!!!

    I mean, Ooo, pretty!

  4. ooohhh its gorgeous! I really must join you ladies in your handbag club!

  5. Oh I love a good episode of purse wars!

    I have missed you so friend, thank you so much for all your encouraging words, I was feeling quite desperate and it helped to know you were rooting for me.

    I'll be back in a bit to catch up on SSS. Ag shame!

  6. LOVE that bag! I wonder if I would have enough confidence to carry it? I used to be much more adventurous in my attire. Now I am almost afraid to wear anything that's not really conservative. It's really weird. If you'd known me as a younger person in the fashion industry, you'd never have believed the tiny-earring-conservativeness would happen to me!

  7. Betsy is beautiful! Has Amy seen the competition? Scarlet will be soooo jealous...


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