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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Years, Everyone!

Helloooooooo Blogville!!!

Welcome to 2009!

This was the best Holiday season that I can remember our little family having in many, many years. Granted, my memory is not what it used to be and I have slept a few times since all of the Holidays of the past have come and gone, so those memories may be dulled; nevertheless, I still believe this will go down as one of the best.

As you all know, we simplified Christmas this year by cutting the amount of gifts we exchange down to three each (plus whatever Santa brought).

I will admit that I was a little nervous about the outcome of this 'cut back' but I am pleased to report that it turned out to be an excellent decision. It really helped to put the focus back on what Christmas is all about. As we opened our presents we discussed the birth of Jesus and what each of the gifts represented.

With a limited amount of gifts, it didn't feel as overwhelming as it has in years past and there was more of an appreciation towards what was received.

On top of all that, this was the first year that we were able to comfortably enjoy Christmas morning. By that I mean that we were warm!! Our old house was freezing in the winter time - yet another reason that we absolutely love our new home :D

So, what was received you ask??

Well, funny you should inquire....I just happen to have a couple of pictures. :)

Here we have the Laptop and Dollhouse from Santa
(Do you think they liked what he got them?)

Speaking of Santa, he even brought a few things for daddy - like this DeWalt drill set (complete with drill bits).
Wow! That Santa must be one cool dude - either that or Mrs. Claus wants a few things done around the new house. ;)

This year, Santa even had a chimney that he could come down; and he didn't even have to worry about burning his big butt - as I explained in this post. ;)

By the way, Santa coming down the chimney was a huge topic of conversation with the four year old this year.

The stocking stuffers were a couple of Webkinz that Santa bought for Christmas last year and forgot about.

And you'll never guess who else made an appearance....

That's right! Beyonce was stuffed in daddy's stocking.

By the way, this isn't exactly the same face that my dear, sweet co-worker had when she got this CD during the Dirty Santa game that I told you about here.

Gift #1 - Representing Gold

Age appropriate Digital Cameras!

Gift #2 - Representing Frankincense

Leapster games and the Boogies Superstar Wii game

Gift #3 - Representing Myrrh

A Goodnight Dora Doll and the Disney Channel Sceneit game

Then from Mimi we have...

A jewelry box, complete with jewelry, and the Tag reading system, with two new books.

Celebrating the holiday's in our New House has given me a New Outlook for the New Year.

My motto for 2009 is "This will be our year!" and already we're off to a wonderful start ;)



  1. Looks like it was a great Christmas for you guys. Hopefully this new year and new home will make this the best year ever!! Love you guys

  2. Did Mama get anything???

    Looks like a wonderful Christmas! The smiles are wonderful!

  3. I love the phrase: "This will be our year!" I'm praying for that at my house too!

    I love what your girls got for Christmas...especially the true meaning of all of it.

    And Shannon would have made a face very similar to your hubby's if he had unwrapped Beyonce. I would have had to say, "Honey, close your mouth, or flies will get in.";)

    I'm glad that you all had such a lovely first Christmas in the best place in the world....HOME.

    Love ya,

  4. cute cute cute blog!!

    lools like it was a super fabulous Christmas. We cut WAY back this year too and i am glad. all though grandma and grandpa showed up with a Wii...they didn't run it by us and at first i was not happy but it has become a really fun source of family time so i forgive them for being too extravagant. (;

    thanks for stopping by and please come back often...i will do my best to follow you back and leave you a little love as often as i can (just like i am now). thanks for your comment...i am hoping my plan works!

    i see you are a Good Mail Girl...me toooo! i also hosted a Favorite Things Swap a while back and Sniz played...i will be announcing another one this month...hopefully you will want to play. So. Much. Fun.

  5. You posted pictures! And I love 'em! Your girls are darling and I want that dollhouse! My house, full of boys, had nothing pink on Christmas morning.

    I love sharing this first Christmas at the new house with you, friend!

    BTW--I think your vocabulary is perfect.


  6. I'm so glad it was such a good Christmas for your family, my dear!


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