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Friday, January 16, 2009

Grilling Goodness #14

Guess what time it is?!?!?


Yep, you got it!! It's time for some more of Tina's fun Grilling Goodness, which actually has nothing to do with receipts or even food - sorry to disappoint, mom; although, you should have realized if I was participating it must be a double entendre ;) I'm just sayin'

This is a Friday meme that my friend Tina came up with where she asks (a.k.a. "grills") us - us being whomever would like to play along - eight random questions from her noodle.

Okay, now that we've got that all cleared up... On with the goodness:

1. Do you like scary movies?

Absolutely! I love anything scary.

Unfortunately, they don't make very many good scary movies. I can't tell you how long it's been since I've seen a scary movie that's actually scary. *sigh*

Of course, it doesn't help that I'm not easily scared. I've been told that my 'scare meter' is off the charts so what might scare others is just silly to me.

2. What kind of cell phone do you have?

I have a blackberry pearl - very sleek!

And I'm waiting for someone to invent one with a checkbook feature - like a one stop shop for everything right there on one little devise - where you could balance your checkbook on your phone; effectively eliminating all those darn check registers that they never give you enough of when you order checks.... Think Green, people. Think Green. I'm just sayin' ;)

3. Do you have a passport?

Nope, no need for a passport when you never go anywhere - right? :(

4. Has anything sad happened in your life this week?

One of the seventh grade teachers at Sugars school passed away in her sleep last Monday night. While I did not know her and this didn't directly impact our family, it is still very sad. My prayers are with family and friends during this time of need.

5. Have you ever broken any bones?

According to the doctors I haven't.

I fractured my wrist once, when I was younger, playing smear the queer with the boys and I bruised my tail bone really, really bad when I fell down a flights of concrete stairs at work.

I also 'jammed' my toe when I kicked a tree stump, playing soccer barefooted - they said it wasn't broken; but, to this day, I don't believe that. My toe hasn't been the same since and I'm no longer able to sneak up on anyone because it pops every time I move it.

6. Did you do anything this week that you don't normally do?

Yes, I hope no one goes into shock upon hearing this news; but, I left Target without spending any money. *GASP!*

Can you believe it??

I got nothing, from Target: nothing, nada, zero, zilch.

Total Amount: $0.00!!

Someone call the Guinness Book of World records!!

7. What's the worst thing you ever had in your wardrobe?

Gosh Tina, what a question!

The fashion styles that I grew up with included, but were not limited to: Bell bottoms, Chic and Jordash jeans, Parachute pants, stirrup pants, anything neon, leg warmers (worn over your jeans), jellies, and banana clips.

I'm certain that through all of that, there have been several horrible things in my wardrobe. ;)

8. Did you have braces on your teeth?

Yes, I have the million dollar smile. I've had lots and lots of work done on my mouth - including four years of braces.



  1. 1. Ugh...how can we be friends!!?? haha

    2. That would make texting SO much easier for me!!!

    3. Maybe you'll get to travel someday...

    4. That IS sad...bless their family.

    5. Ha...you said queer.

    6. Call an ambulance...I think I'm going to passout in shock!

    7. Oh the horror!! Those things were horrible!! And some of them have comeback!!

    8. CHEESE!!!!

    Thank you for playing!!

  2. 1. I love to be scared..not grossed out though. And I'm an easy scare too....I jump off the couch every time there is a noise in the movie. (Like for instance, if you tried to sneak up on me with that creepy popping toe..I would jump out of my skin! LOL!) ;)

    2. Mine is a World War 2 Walkie Talkie. I'm just saying.

    3. I don't want to talk about it anymore. I'm done traveling for awhile......

    4. That is very sad.

    5. Refer back to number 1. And I hurt my "tailbone" too...I posted about it. *Sigh* The embarrassment and humiliation never ends.

    6. Are you sick? Do you have fever?;)

    7. Don't even get me started....It's just too painful.

    8. Me too....for 2 1/2 painful, emotionally scarring years.

    Oh, and I forgot, "LOL!:) Thanks for sharing!";)
    Seriously, just ignore me.;)

    (((BIG HUGS!)))

  3. ♥ The parachute pants crack me up. Totally remember the banana clips and jelly's. I was devestated when I lost one of my Jelly's while wading in a creek! So sad (at the time)... :)

  4. LOL @ #7!!

    Been there..done that!!

    We must have grown up around the same era!

  5. I like scary movies - just watched "The Hills Have Eyes" last night - eeeeek.

    Have a good day - Kellan

  6. So funny, shelly...

    I'm with My goodness though--I shut my eyes in terror when someone says boo!

    I really enjoyed visiting your girl's blog! Thanks for inviting me, she 's a doll!


  7. This was a really interesting Grilling Goodness. The question (and your answers) to the horrible things in your wardrobe brought back memories of these pants I had in grade school. The were white denim printed with wide blue stripes and bright red stars as big as your hand and they were so wide at the bottom that they completely touched the floor around my foot without ever touching it. Talk about bell-bottoms! I loved those pants.

  8. Fun answers! I am impressed with your Target trip!


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