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Friday, January 23, 2009

Grilling Goodness #15


It's time once again for some more of Tina's Grilling Goodness. Anyone is welcome to play, just don't forget to go back to Tina's and sign Mr. Linky so she can come check out what you had to say. And now, on with the Goodness...

1. Have you ever ridden a horse?

Yes; once, when I was about 13, my friends big sister took us to the park where we could pay to go on a horse ride.

Since I had never ridden a horse before the guy who picked my horse assured me this horse is the perfect horse for a beginner.

"He's very calm and gentle." He told me as he helped me into the saddle and gave me my instructions. Then he gave the gentle animal's rear a pat to send us on our way along the trail.

Just a few feet into the ride and several feet from the trail, my horse decided he was going to stop and graze. Nothing we did could get him to go any further than a few feet before he would stop again to graze a little more.

Gentle was right. This horse was so gentle he didn't want to move....or so I thought....

The next thing I know, this gentle animal turned in to a wild beast! He started bucking at the horse behind him and then took off running - FULL SPEED. We got the attention of every onlooker in the park, him galloping full pace and me holding on for dear life. I just knew this would be the end for me. It was like I was living out a scene from Urban Cowboy.

Since then, riding horses hasn't really been high on my list of things to do...

2. Have you ever run out of gas?

Nope, good thing they make gas-x ;)

Ohhhh! Tee-hee! Like, you mean have you ever let your car run out of gas?!?!

No, I have never done that either; however, there have been times where I have made it to the gas station on nothing more than a wing and a prayer.

3. How many different schools did you attend growing up?

Two private schools in elementary, until we moved at which time I went to the neighborhood elementary school. Then I graduated from the eighth grade and moved on to the neighborhood high school. That makes four!

4. Do you have, and use, a library card?

I love, love, love to read!

I could go broke buying books so I did finally break down and get a library card. However, we have since moved and I haven't gotten a new one yet. But don't you worry...I will have one soon. We have a wonderful library here!! The girls love it!!

5. Hand-wash or dishwasher?


6. Does your alarm clock beep or play music?

My alarm clock beeps, ALOT! Me being a big fan of the snooze button and all ;)

7. Do you know how to roller skate?

Do I know how?? Yes

Am I any good?? No

Am I stupid enough to get on skates to see if my skills have improved any throughout the years?? HELL NO!! You aren't about to catch me on anything with wheels, where I could fall down and bust the concrete my butt.

8. What would you consider one of your biggest accomplishments?

Did I tell you about the time that I left Target without spending a single dime?? I'm just sayin' ;)



  1. 1. Yowza. Yes, I guess I wouldn't be dying to get on another horse either!

    2. You nut.

    7. Glad you're not into cracking the concrete, er, your butt!

    8. HAHAHA!!

    You're a great griller! :)

  2. 1. Urban Cowboy! LMAO!:) That is funny!;) (I should start calling you and your husband Sissy and Bud.) ;)

    2. If you're running low today..we are having pinto beans for dinner.;)

    5. I still want to get a dishwasher that is as cute as yours.:)

    7. LOL!:) Have we met? We'll just gossip and sip sodas while "watching" our kids skate...sound good?;)

    8. You're my hero!:)

    ((BIG HUGS!))
    Love you,

  3. 1. Holy mackerel!
    Although, I was thrown from a horse once. I was riding my SIL's horse, and it got spooked. One minute it was under me, the next, it was standing about five feet to my left.
    I didn't even have time to hold up my "yikes" sign before I hit the asphalt.

    PS. asphalt: the donkey did it.

  4. ♥ I'm with you about the not being dumb enough to give skating a try any time soon. :)

  5. Too funny! Sounds like your horse experience was a night-mare! (pun intended :) I'm with ya on the roller skating thing. One time when I was in junior high (imagine the mortification at this age) I was in a bunnyhop line (on skates) and the boy behind me fell, pulling my shirt with him as all the buttons popped off one by one. I'm still traumatized.

  6. I would say that's a major accomplishment to make it out of Target without spending a dime! I think I have managed to do that before, but I'm not sure.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. It was fun to play along! Have a great week! And don't forget to get that library card :o)

  7. Hi I'm Mindy, you left a comment on my Grilling Goodness so I came to check your blog out. I love it, you made me smile this morning.

    4. I LOVE to read too, I also love to hear other peoples suggestions of good books, so let me know if you read anything good.

    6. I am also a big fan of the snooze button.

    8. That is a MAJOR accomplishment.


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