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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Third Time's a Charm??

You know what they say: “The third time’s a charm”

Well, for me, maybe it’s the fourth or fifth time…

As many of you know, my family and I have recently moved. And, since we crossed over States, the hubz and I both had to get new car tags, as well as new drivers licenses. Talk about timing – all of this had to be done during the busiest, budget stretched to the max, season of them all: Christmas time. UGH! Our timing could not have been worse; but, that’s not what this story is about so, moving on...

This State is very strict about their tags. The schools require you to have a State tag, in order for your child to attend. You have thirty days (as allowed by the State) to get this done. If you don't have it done, that could lead up to some very hefty fines - maybe even more hefty than the amount of the tags themselves, which is no small fee (depending on the car you drive). For instance, together, our tags and licenses cost around $1,000.00.

Yep, you read that right. That's one thou-sand dollars! One thou-sand dollars in our family unit is nothing to blink at, and one thous-sand extra dollars, around Christmas time is unheard of.

I put in a call to my own personal Santa Claus and asked if (s)he would consider buying my car tags for Christmas.

Now it's four days before their winter break and the school calls, wanting me to provide them with proof of registration.

"Ummmm, okayyy. I haven't had a chance to get that done yet."

"Oh, well can get them today?"

Yeah, sure. I'll get right on that!

"Ummm, No. I'm sorry, but my work schedule doesn't allow for me to just up and leave like that."

"Oh, okay. Well, when do you think you could provide us with that information?"

"I have a couple of vacation days scheduled during the holidays. Can I get them to you the first day back after the Christmas break?"

"Oh no, we would have to have them before the break."

"Alright then, I guess I'll get them to you before the end of this week."

Don't know how that's gonna happen but I guess I'll figure out a way to make it work.

So, I hang up with the lady from school and immediately call my Santa mom, just to vent.

Little did I know, Santa listened when I called in my request and must really love me, because (s)he sent me a Christmas card - that was in the mail, when I got home that evening - and inside was a check that covered not only my car tags but his too, as well as the cost of our drivers licenses. (Thanks mom Santa!!)

Okay, back to the story; sorry...

I take time off of work to go in the very next morning and get my tags and license.

I get my tags, no problem.

Next stop, the Drivers License office. I have all the necessary documents and then she says, "That'll be $20.00 cash."

"Cash? You don't accept a debit card?"

"No ma'am. Cash only."

At this point, I look in my purse, knowing that I never carry cash but hoping against hope that I might be able to scrounge up the necessary twenty dollars to get this finished today.

Yeah well, obviously there was no such luck; otherwise, I would not today be writing this story.

Not only were they closed from Christmas, they closed early on Christmas eve and they were closed the day after too.

Second attempt: January 2nd - CLOSED

Third attempt: last Thursday.

I woke up that morning, put on a cute outfit, my face was free of blemishes and my hair was looking cute.

What are the odds of all three of these things aligning on the same day that you will have to get your picture made?

I don't know, but they're still in tact because it didn't happen that day either.

I left work early, picked up Spice, and headed to the Drivers License place. We head in, I pull my number and we sit down and wait to be called.

It's 4:30, I'm the next person in line and then she walks up and asks what I'm there to do. I tell her that I'm there to transfer my license to which she says, "It's too late for that today. We don't do transfers after 4:30. That's a long process, you'll have to come back early in the morning for that."

Are you kidding me????

Now, for those of you who 'know' me; you will be amazed to hear that I walked out calmly and quietly.

I know, I know! What is the world coming to, right??

Never fear. All the things that you imagine me saying were screaming through my mind. But, since I had my four year old daughter with me and the things that I wanted to say were not that pleasant, I chose to bite my tongue and exit the building - As a side note: I get my stitches out next week. ;)

The fourth and final attempt happened the next day, Friday morning.

The wind was strong that day.

My hair got blown all over my head on the way from the car - that tried to roll off, because I forgot to pull the break - to the building. And I woke up with a blemish - Of course!

This is the day that all my ducks lined up, for a picture that I will have to live with, for the next four years.

But I'm not complaining, though; because for a minute there I questioned whether or not I was going to pass the eye exam. :)

Whew! I sure am glad that monkey business is out of the way.



  1. LOL!:) I didn't know that you had to get stitches! LOL!:)

    But I'm so proud of you for being able to bite your tongue that hard!;)

    And Crazyville is a frustrating place for matters like these...how well I know.


    And your driver's license picture looks great compared to mine...I had to wait outside in July for them to open up after their hour and a half long lunch break. And after all that humidity exposure my hair looked like Rosanna Rosanna Danna's. Then to add insult to injury they had the camera below me, so I also look like Lurch looking down into the camera. It's embarrassing. If you want the truth of the matter my picture makes me look like Farrah Fawcett in "The Burning Bed" movie. It's pitiful really.


    But at least I lied about my weight, so that was good.;)

    Welcome to Crazyville, my friend! It's all down hill from here. LOL! I'm just kidding.

    Sort of.;)

    (((BIG HUGS!)))

  2. love the way you write! you have me hanging on every word!

  3. You look mah-va-lous dahhling! Its a wonder anyone can drive a car because they make it so frustrating to get all that junk together!!
    That's not one of those baboons with the red butt is it??
    Have a great rest of the week!

  4. Oh the joys of the DMV. Sounds like a nightmare!!! I AM impressed that you remained calm. I just don't know how I would have handled that. It must have been Jesus workin' in you, honey!

    Four times a charm? Five times?

    You always make me smile!


  5. Why, Shelly! What big EYES you have!

  6. What a funny (but very true, I'm sure) post. I'm glad you finally got that out of the way. Love the license!

  7. ♥ The price of tags drives me CRAZY!!! I feel for you!


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