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Friday, June 1, 2007

I want a do-over

It is late Friday night and as this week comes to a close, and my vacation officially ends, I would like to request a do-over. Today was the first day that I left the house for something other than going to a doctor's office of some sort.... Here is my story:

On Saturday my youngest suddenly spiked a very high fever, which she continued to get several times throughout the long weekend. After all of my efforts failed to keep her fever down to an acceptable level, I decided to take her to an after hours emergency clinic. Before going I gave her some Tylenol and rinsed her off in a cool tub of water.

Upon arriving at the clinic she began playing, just as she had done many times throughout the weekend, whenever her fever became low grade, and none of these burst of energy lasted very long.... I digress.... the doctor roles up in his Jeep Wrangler, looking like he just stepped out of GQ, took one look at her and pretty much dismissed us before examining her (if you could call giving her a Popsicle and shining a light in her mouth an examination).

As we headed towards home the energy level she displayed suddenly plummets (Of Course!). She fell asleep as soon as we got home and her fever spiked again. Irritated at the quality of service we received, I gave her regular doctor a call at home (I LOVE her doctor!! She's the GREATEST!! - Thanks Jenny, for the referral!). She asked me to bring her in first thing Tuesday morning for some blood work.

The blood work done on Tuesday revealed that she has a virus of some sort - which is basically what the nurse told me at the emergency clinic; however, there was some concern about dehydration.

Tuesday night, when I was unable to persuade her to drink enough fluids and she hadn't used the restroom for 24 hours, the doctor told me to take her to the hospital for an IV.

After sitting at the hospital for a couple of hours (and overhearing a man telling someone that he had been waiting for 5 hours), she suddenly decided she was thirsty. So....off to the vending machine we went. I was digging through my purse, desperately trying to come up with a dollar in change, when a lady saw me struggling and gave us $2.00 - one for Spice and one for Sugar (So you see, kindness does still exist!!). We put the dollar into the machine, selected the Sprite button, and the magic began......SHE WAS DRINKING!!!! I called the doctor and told her the good news and back home we went.

On a sad note: I was watching the news Tuesday evening when I learned that a guy I knew had been killed. Buddy was a great guy, with an outstanding personality! He was always full of smiles and laughter; sure to brighten the day of those he came into contact with. He touched the hearts of many and I consider myself blessed to have known him. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to his wife and family during their time of sorrow.

Wednesday she was doing a great job of drinking and using the restroom, and she actually ate a hot dog (first time she has eaten anything since this saga began), but now she was congested and had green goop coming out of her eyes. When the doctor called to check on her, and learned of her new symptoms, she decided that we may need to give her some antibiotics and eye drops.

Thursday came and so did more new symptoms: now her nose was bleeding and she was coughing. On the good side, her fever stayed down most of the day (it only went up twice but I was able to give her medicine and get it back down quickly, before it got too high), and she wanted to play more.
As for me, now I'm getting the beginning symptoms of what is sure to become a sinus infection (you just gotta love it!!!!), so I begin doubling up on my meds and pray that I am successful in stopping it before it gets too bad.

Friday morning the doctor called to check on her and upon hearing about her newest symptoms she called in yet another medicine. This was a good day - she has been more like herself today than she has in almost a week. AND she is slowly regaining her appetite. We went out for a little while today and when we got home Sugar began complaining of a headache, which turned into a migraine....

It just keeps getting better: It's now early Saturday morning and I went in to help Sam (he's one of our dogs) get into Sugar's bed when she rolls over and informs me that she's not feeling well. I touch her forehead and low and behold........She has a fever!!!

UGH!!! Can I get a break????

So, I ask again........Can I get a do-over????

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