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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Medusa vs. Fabric Softener??

Well folks, it's late Saturday night and my saga still unfolds... I thought Sugar was going to be okay when she woke up this morning eager to let me know how much better she was feeling; however, she has had a relapse tonight and the symptoms are stronger and worse. I put in a call to the doctor and she is pretty sure it's the same viral infection that Spice had. She wants me to bring her in on Monday for a strep test and some blood work...Here we go again.

Meanwhile, another concern of mine is that this is going to continue to ping-pong back and forth. After all, Spice's resistance is still very low because she is just now beginning to fully recover.

On a lighter note: I had the fun task of doing lots of hair this morning (if you've met my children, you understand). To make matters even more interesting for me....Sugar's episode last night happened right after she had taken a shower and it hurt too bad for her to brush her hair. As you can imagine, she was looking like Medusa when she got up this morning. Needless to say, washing her hair today was not fun, for any of us! Mom called in the middle of this chore, and between all of the screaming she told me to try fabric softener. Okay, fabric softener!?!?! in hair?!?!? Who woulda thunk?? I never, in a million years, would have thought of trying that one.....Kudos to mom; it really works!!!

We're making progress: all hair has been washed and is tangle free (for now). So...off to the movies we went, our Saturday ritual, to see Mr. Brooks. This is a movie, I had not heard of, with Kevin Costner, William Hurt, and Demi Moore. Mom told me about it and since nothing else was playing I was on board.

We were told that it didn't get very good reviews; however, being the professional movie goers that we are....we have learned not to listen to the critics. Case in point: Mr. Brooks - This was an excellent movie!! It was different and refreshingly original - mom and I both really enjoyed it!!

In summary:

  • It is my hope to, one day soon, have something other than illness to report.
  • If you have a child with horrible tangles in her hair - try fabric softener.
  • Go see Mr. Brooks

Until next time......

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