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Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Party

Yesterday was the big day, and I'm happy to announce it was a huge success! The smaller kids didn't enjoy it as much as I had hoped they would, they didn't like the water splashing them in the face, but they still had fun and the older kids had a BLAST! No one wanted to stop to eat, not even for cake and ice cream.

The plan was for Spice to open her presents when they finished the cake and ice cream, since everyone was already inside and relatively dry; I made this huge announcement about how NO ONE was to get back in the water until I was outside to supervise, but that plan got foiled when a couple of little rebels decided to sneak back out. When I went to check on them the others soon followed and the next thing I knew, everyone was back in the water! So, I had to round up the troops, again, and get them all dried off to go back in and open presents.

They got to play for a few more hours after the presents.....Oh well, I guess it was inevitable that I wouldn't be able to remain the "coolest mom in the world" forever, right?!?! ha!

I hope everyone who came had a good time and I would like to thank you all for helping to make this party such a huge success. Below are a few pictures of the big day: Enjoy!

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  1. Happy Birthday CJ!!!

    I've seen all the pictures and looks like everyone had a great time. i really hate we missed all the fun. Johnei wanted to go so bad.

    I really like what you're doing with the blog.

    Girl, when do you sleep? :)


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