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Friday, June 1, 2007

Letters to the President

Every since Sugar was a little girl she has been tearing up paper, "writing" on it, and leaving it strewn all over the house. I can not tell you how frustrating it is to find little pieces of paper, with scribble on them, scattered all over the place whenever you walk through the house. However, at times it can be funny - like today...When the hubby got home, he went to check the mail and in it he found three index cards. On the front of one of the cards was Sugar's name, address, and phone number with a "Presudant" stamp drawn on the top right corner. The return address listed: George W. Bush, White house.

When he entered the house he immediately fussed at her, telling her to stop writing her personal information on everything and leaving it around for anyone to find. After we explained our reason for concern he handed her the cards telling her, "tear up these letters to George Bush and throw them away"

Needless to say my curiosity was now peaked, upon learning that she had written letters to the president, so I asked her if I could see them. She had already torn them once but I, being the nosey detective that I am, was able to put them back together. They were a good source of laughter for me today, so I thought I would share (after all, couldn't we all use a little humor in our lives?!?!?). Please note I am typing these exactly as they were written, and they read as follows:

1. Dear Mr. George W Bush,
Please read this to everyone when you get on tv. I reelly hate people who litter. It's gust wrong.

Thank you,
Sugar Drama Queen Shell 8 (On the note card she had written out her full name. I believe the '8' was supposed to be &)
The full name of the boy next door

2. Dear People of America,
I wish you will stop littering. It is a crime and you are paluting the city and also it would be nice for the nature.

Thank you,
Sugar Shell
and The boy next door

3. Dear Mr. George W. Bush,
I want you to tell everyone what I said when you get this and the other card.

Thank you,
Sugar Shell and
The boy next door

P.S. We are big fan's

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