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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Meet Our Zoo

It occurred to me that I've told you about my family of furry friends but I've not introduced any of them to you:

Sam is our eight year old miniature Dachshund. We got him when Sugar was two and they have grown up together. I commonly refer to him as my grumpy old man, because he grumbles.

A friend told me that she wanted to get Sugar a bird for her tenth birthday. I immediately began researching different types of birds and fell in love with the Sun Conures. Although this wasn't the price range she had in mind, we found one that was meant for us so we went in halves and now we have Skittles. (Thanks Laurie!)

The hubby has always said he wants an English Bulldog: Introducing Crapper, oops, I mean Drake...

Let's see, what can I say about Drake???? He likes to Eat, Poop, Sleep and Chew (on EVERYTHING!). His first day with us, we went out and bought him all types of chew toys; however, his favorite things to chew are my furniture and our shoes. We are working on getting him housebroken, and he really enjoys being outside. In fact, we can let him out and he will stay outside and play for several minutes then, when we let him back in, he will go straight to his favorite area and pee! UGH!!!
Don't get me wrong, he has his moments when he's so cute AND good (when he's sleeping). Lol!
I remain hopeful that he will get better as time goes on; until then...THANK GOODNESS FOR CLAIROL!!!

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  1. Great Family link!! You and the family are very welcome for the assistance in getting Skittles...I hope she brings you guys many, many years of enjoyment.


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