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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Day of Adventure

Today was full of adventure for me....In fact, I had so many things happen it's hard to find a starting point. I guess, I should start at the beginning:

This morning I was driving to my meeting downtown, which is an area that I don't normally go. I don't know if anyone else ever experiences this, but I have anxiety when I have to drive somewhere that is unfamiliar to me. People laugh because they don't understand and I laugh right along with them. I guess you could say I'm "Directionally Challenged". ha!

The last time we had our meeting I wasn't able to find where it was and I ended up following some co-workers. Although I haven't been there since the last meeting, I felt a little better about it this go round, but as I got closer I grew more anxious and sure enough I got turned around, literally! I turned onto what I believed to be my street and looked up to find that I was going the WRONG WAY, down a ONE WAY STREET....GULP!!!! Luckily, no other cars were coming and I was able to quickly get back in the right direction.

Now, having dealt with this "disability" for the majority of my driving life I always leave early, allowing myself plenty of time for these little screw ups. Therefore, although I still have the anxiety, I don't ever panic. I simply pick up the phone and call a friend (Thank GOD for friends!!). When they see my number they usually know what's going on and that they have to help me through it....Did I mention how thankful I am for my friends?!?!? ;) I made it through my morning detour and got to the meeting on time.

Now it's afternoon and Drake (whose name I'm thinking of changing; however, if I change it to what I would LIKE to call him, my children would get in trouble every time they talked about him.lol!) is outside. Normally he doesn't react to outside activity but tonight this kid walked past with his dog and Drake decided he was going to go check him out. My husband was at the door watching him and tried to call him back but this dog is hard headed, if I haven't mentioned that before, and doesn't listen very well. Hubby, being in his underwear, asked me to run out and get him. So off I go, in my flip flops, to get this crazy dog out of the middle of the street. There's a car coming down the street but he sees the activity and slows down. Drake heads towards the sidewalk but you can see him thinking about changing his mind.....he goes to dart back in the direction of the other dog and I catch his back end, but my flip flop (not good shoes to wear when chasing after a stupid dog) somehow gets caught on the street, trips me up and I go crashing down. For those who know me, let me just go ahead and say; YES, he's still alive.

It's later on in the evening and I'm relaxing in my chair, after being all banged up from my meeting with the pavement, watching TV and I notice that it's awful quiet in the house. I walked towards the kitchen to check on everyone when I see that Sugar's bedroom door is closed and I hear her talking; naturally I assume that they are in there playing, but you know what happens when you assume...right?!?!

THIS is what I find....Sugar is in her room, on the phone, and Spice........

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  1. I've had several people ask so I thought I would post the answer...ha!

    She's standing on the toilet, in the bathroom, playing in the cabinets (where I have TONS of hair products stored). When I first saw her face I thought it was lipstick too but, seeing as how I don't wear lipstick and Kayla is too young for it, I soon realized it couldn't be that. Then I looked down on the sink and found the evidence of what it really was.... chocolate pudding that she helped herself to.


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